Is there a reliable way to make [Penis] bigger and longer?

Are you attracted by the topic? Please don’t rush to clap bricks first.

In fact, there are indeed many people who feel inferior or confused about their Penis length and even want to try various folk remedies and wonderful prescriptions to achieve the goal of Penis [long and thick]. I often encounter [patients] who think their Penis is too short and dysplasia in urological clinics.

There are different opinions on this aspect, and I will answer your doubts in this respect.

How long is the Chinese Penis on average?

In fact, Penis of Asian men is generally much thinner than that of European and American countries.

Although Chinese male Penis is not so [long and thick], it is not so unbearable. Under normal conditions, the length of Chinese male Penis is about 4 ~ 11 cm, and the average erection length is about 10 ~ 12 cm.

When we evaluate whether the penis length is normal, we prefer to use the erection length, because the degree of erection varies from person to person.

Some people’s Penis looks very strong under normal conditions, but it may only increase by one or two times during erection, while others look like a [small mushroom head] under normal conditions, which may increase by 5 or 7 times during erection. Moreover, Penis’s length is easily affected by the environment, such as cold, tension, fatigue, etc.

Therefore, when you see someone else’s Penis as big in bathhouses or love action movies, don’t feel inferior. It is not your Penis’s true face in a weak state.

How to judge whether Penis length is qualified?

The correct posture for measuring the length of the penis, oh no, is to use a ruler parallel to the penis after erection and press the skin at the root of the penis to the end of the glans penis. This length is your real length.

If you make a wrong measurement, such as only measuring the distance between the penis and the skin, the error will be very large. Especially for obese people, if there is too much subcutaneous fat, you may measure 5 ~ 7 cm less. The so-called “one fat destroys everything” is nothing more than this.

Heroes are not judged by length or length.

Why do so many people care about the length of their Penis?

  1. May think that heroes are short of breath, Penis is the characteristic of men, bigger Penis represents more male prowess;

  2. Worried that sex life cannot satisfy the other party, I think that bigger Penis can make it easier for women to reach orgasm.

In fact, neither of these two reasons holds water.

Individual differences in penis size and thickness in normal men have little effect on female sexual perception. The average length of vagina in Chinese adult women is about 7 ~ 10 cm, which can be extended to 15 cm due to its strong flexibility.

Female sexual nerve endings are mainly concentrated in 1/3 of the anterior wall of the vagina. In the anterior wall about 3 cm away from the vaginal opening, this position is the G-spot where women are most easily excited and cause orgasm. Even if Penis is slightly shorter and smaller, it is easy to reach this position.

In fact, Penis’s hardness and sexual skills play a more important role than length and thickness. On this issue, is it really related to size and pleasure? > > also discussed in detail in the article. More suitable posture, sufficient stimulation and time are more important than whether Penis is bulky or not.

Is there a reliable way to make Penis bigger?

1. Penile lengthening surgery

It is true that some patients have penile dysplasia and need to consider surgery for penis lengthening. However, this kind of surgery has strict indications, and the common ones are:

    Short penis and hypoplasia concealed phimosis hypospadias penis trauma short penis caused by resection of penile tumor

The main principle of penis lengthening is to cut off or cut off most of the superficial and deep ligaments that fix the penis. For example, the penis is compared to a big tree, and there is usually a part of the trunk under the ground. Penis lengthening is to pull out the trunk under the ground to increase its length.

However, every operation is risky. After you pull out the [big tree], although the length is prolonged, the stability is weakened. The angle between penis erection and abdominal wall is less than 90 degrees. In addition, it may also damage nerves or blood vessels, causing erectile dysfunction, numbness or pain, etc.

Therefore, it is suggested that small partners with sufficient length should not die in tricks, but must undergo what penis lengthening, which will affect life-long [sexual happiness].

2. Various penile thickening operations

There are also some surgical methods for penile thickening, such as autologous great saphenous vein transplantation, expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) artificial blood vessel patch implantation, autologous fat transplantation thickening, etc.

These operations also have very strict indications, and the risks of the operation also exist. Moreover, the surgical effect and personal psychological expectations are also different, and the final appearance may not be beautiful, or you will not be satisfied.

3. Medication

Can drugs make Penis bigger and thicker? Don’t be ridiculous.

If you consider using drugs to increase thickening, the principle is nothing more than to increase androgen levels. However, hormones are not used casually. Long-term exogenous testosterone supplementation will cause your testis to stop producing testosterone.

Testosterone supplement also has strict indications and cannot be used if you want.

4. Rotary pull exercise

In addition, there are some rumors that rotating and pulling Penis can stimulate the extension of Penis’s length, and there are various decent exercise tutorials on the Internet.

Penis’s development is affected by many factors, in addition to genetic factors, but also involves hormone secretion, but certainly cannot be prolonged by external forces. This kind of high-risk, high-difficulty coefficient action, or suggest not to try, so as not to cause the tragedy of breaking.


Surgery is not suitable for everyone and drugs cannot be used casually. What should I do?

In fact, some people just have too thick abdominal fat, hiding some of Penis. Every fat man is a potential stock.

I won’t tell you that you can improve your ability by insisting on squatting, shrinking and lifting the anus. In addition, sexual skills are indispensable. If you master the skills, you can be invincible even if you are short and pithy.

Editor: Yidan