Is what good for your hair?

In the past, it was often male friends who worried about losing their hair and had less hair, and androgens were often blamed.

But now there are also many problems with women’s hair, such as fierce drop, poor hair quality, especially brittle, easy to break, dull luster, withered and yellow hair color, and it is really impossible to blame androgens, possibly… ahem…

Seriously, what is going on here? Eat more black sesame, black beans and black rice. Is it useful?

Teacher Fan Zhihong, a nutrition expert, said: If there is a sudden and obvious abnormal change in hair and the amount of hair falling off is obviously increased compared with daily life, it is usually a sign of a decline in health.

For example, the pressure is great and the worry is too much.

As the old saying goes, “Noble people don’t have heavy hair]. People who worry too much or use their brains too much will suffer from alopecia due to mental stress and emotional stimulation. In serious cases, they will even suffer from a large amount of alopecia, resulting in local hair loss [ghost shaving].

For example, they often stay up late and do not sleep well.

Poor sleep is also an important cause of alopecia. Nowadays, many people often sleep late and stay up late. The quality of sleep is very poor and it is difficult for their hair to grow well. The most noteworthy thing is…

Nutrition can’t keep up with, hair can’t get better.

In the case of obvious lack of protein, the hair not only grows slowly, but also falls off easily. Moreover, the hair quality becomes poor, and the hair becomes thinner, brittle, dry and lighter in color.

This is because the essence of hair is keratin, which is a protein. The formation of melanin in hair also requires an amino acid called tyrosine as the raw material. In the process of making melanin and keratin, a variety of B vitamins and trace elements are needed to help.

The nutrition these hairs need comes from food.

Go to the place where the horses are kept. The well-nourished and strong horses have rich manes and bright fur. If the horse is ill or malnourished, the fur will be dark and dry.

The same is true for domestic cats and dogs. Only when pets are in good health can their fur be in good condition.

If the protein supply in the diet is insufficient, the quality of the skin and nails will also be affected, the face will be sallow, anemia will occur, women’s menstruation will also be affected, and the body is especially prone to edema… These are typical symptoms of malnutrition.

But in this era of great food abundance, how can malnutrition occur?

Admit it! It’s all caused by disorderly weight loss.

Is there anyone who has stopped eating for a month or even longer and only drinks some vegetable juice, thinking of detoxifying and reducing weight?

Is there anyone who does not eat staple food, does not eat meat, only eats some fruit as rice, or [does not eat dinner] to lose weight?

Think you are a fairy, can you drink dew out of touch?

You may feel wronged or dissatisfied: I don’t think I am short of protein now. I also have nutrition knowledge. I eat an egg in the morning, tofu at noon and milk at night … But unfortunately, you were eliminated.

In this way, the protein I eat day by day is really not enough. After dieting and losing weight, it is also easy to see a decline in digestion.

You have destroyed your body and your digestive system. You don’t care about the poor function inside your body, but you only worry about your hair… Human beings are really a kind of

Many friends have been trapped in the vicious circle of low quality of life for many years, but they never reflect on the reasons. They always want to deal with it with methods such as what [detoxification] or what Shampoo and Hair Cream.

Can you mend your hair by eating black sesame?

Maybe, but it’s not because of eating black to supplement melanin.

If iron, zinc, manganese and zinc are insufficient, the quality of hair will also be affected. If there is malnutrition, besides protein, B vitamins and trace elements are also seriously in short supply.

Black sesame is rich in trace elements. However, black sesame also contains a lot of oxalic acid and phytic acid, and its absorption rate is far lower than that of fish, poultry, eggs and milk.

If you can guarantee to eat more meat and adopt a multi-pronged approach in nutrition, it is good for your hair.

When the time comes, let alone eating black sesame, black beans, black rice and walnuts, you can even make your hair darker and brighter by drinking milk, soya-bean milk, eggs, lotus seeds and tofu.

However, in general, it takes ten days and a half months to improve your hair. If you have the previous questions, I would like to give you some suggestions:

STEP 1 Go to the Digestive Department

When necessary, take some drugs to help digestion. At the same time, you must resume normal three meals, with emphasis on enough protein.

STEP 2 Get a physical check-up

In addition to excluding the possibility of various diseases, look at whether there is anemia, zinc deficiency, thyroxine and female hormone levels are normal.

3. Nutrient supplements and related treatments when necessary

After supplementing enough nutrition and recovering from health, the hair will naturally get better.