Is what Pregnant in Season? The obstetrician and gynecologist told you

It is said that spring is the season of sowing and breeding.

As an obstetrician and gynecologist, I would like to share some stories with you on this vigorous day.

One morning, a pair of young people came and asked for an abortion. Asked why, the man stopped and said:

She wants a puppy.

I look stupid… puppy? Who is the puppy? Want a dog? Or is it what’s new code name? Am I behind the times? … …

This year is the Year of the Chicken.

My two faces are stupid… As an obstetrician and gynecologist, almost every day someone asks:

Doctor Doctor, what has the best pregnancy season?

Doctor, doctor, which month is the best pregnancy?

Doctor, doctor, is it good for adults and babies to have children in what?

Alas, although the state has changed [family planning] into the liberalization of a second child, another [planned pregnancy] has become a topic of concern to most people.

This [sending proposition] (which may send more than one life) really has a standard answer.

Medical research believes that the best time to conceive is around August, that is, from late July to early September.

This is not nonsense according to mood, let alone what [spinach in autumn]. But…

Autumn is brisk and the climate is pleasant…

The frequency and experience of the couple’s sex life are higher than those in summer and winter.

It’s not hot or cold, so don’t wait. Friends who like sweating like a pig and cold limbs… Well, please feel free.

You may say that spring is also a pleasant climate. Don’t worry, don’t worry, haven’t finished yet, listen to me to give you through from beginning to end.

When pregnancy reaction occurs in the early stage of pregnancy, pregnant women have poor appetite and big temper, and may nausea and vomiting all day long. Eating what, how to eat, often worries about your prospective fathers who are cattle and horses. But the good news is…

There are many kinds of fruits and vegetables in early autumn.

Not only can it fully meet the nutritional needs of pregnancy, but also it can meet the critical eating requirements of pregnant women. And…

There is plenty of sunshine in early autumn.

Sunshine can make pregnant women produce more vitamin D in their bodies, which is also conducive to the growth of fetal bones. And…

The summer heat recedes at night in early autumn and you can sleep better.

Sleep soundly, naturally in a good mood, expectant mothers in a good mood, to the growth and development of the fetus is also beneficial but not harmful. And…

The first three months of the fetus are a [sensitive teratogenic] period, which is more difficult in winter and spring.

Even if it is not necessarily snowy in winter, it must be cold (please ignore Hainan’s friends). Spring is also prone to viruses, which is not suitable for passing through the disaster of [dangerous period].

However, if you are pregnant in early autumn, it is a perfect escape. The hearts of the family members who are always watching this new life can be said to be half down. And…

After giving birth to the baby, it will be the end of spring and the beginning of summer next year, and the climate will also be pleasant.

At this time, it can be said to be the [golden age] of puerperium (commonly known as confinement).

Whether the baby takes a bath and changes clothes or the mother breastfeeds, it is more convenient to be less affected by the temperature. And…

At the beginning of summer, fish, poultry, meat, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables were abundant.

At this time, the parturient eats well and has a comprehensive and balanced diet, and the baby’s milk nutrition will be relatively rich. And…

Dress lightly in early summer.

Adults and children do not have to cover their big cotton-padded jackets and trousers, which is also very beneficial for mothers to start their physical recovery and baby’s development as soon as possible.

When the child is full moon, summer also comes, and the family goes out for a walk to bask in the sun, which is really wonderful.

Intestinal diseases are more common in summer.

Around the age of half a year, it is October again, and supplementary foods can also be added at this time, which just avoids the annoying summer.

At the age of one, it is also a pleasant turn of spring and summer. Baby who is learning to talk and toddle can further try diversified diets.

If weaning is needed, the turn of spring and summer is also an appropriate time, which can save a lot of troubles for the family.

In addition to these, we have to consider children’s schooling. Although there is news about reform, it is still on August 31. Children who are pregnant in early autumn do not have to worry about missing a good time to go to school because they are a few days away.

Finally, there is…


Although I am an obstetrician and gynecologist, I really don’t know much about this, but what Aries is warm and straightforward, Taurus is stable and patient, Gemini is good at communication, and has perfectly avoided Virgo and Scorpio… In short, it is good for you to like it.

Hey, hey… How many reasons have I said? Can anyone count it for me?

In short, having said so much, we must not forget a very important point:

Man is not as good as heaven.

But don’t recognize death and go to extremes, don’t deliberately pursue this [most].

There must be a plan in life, but there must be unplanned situations. It is definitely impossible to control by means of management, right?

For example… God has given you [a chicken], and you are thinking about [a puppy], not according to the time to simply flow out? Heavy bosom? !

It is really silly and naive!

Abortion is a kind of injury! Abortion is a kind of injury! Abortion is a kind of injury!

Since human beings have evolved for so many years, they must be able to conceive and give birth all the year round. What’s more, now that the standard of living has improved, nutrition supply and temperature regulation are no longer a problem in most places.

It is wise to let nature take its course and enjoy gestation.

No matter when what is pregnant or what is pregnant, as long as the baby is healthy and the mother is safe, that is really good luck!