It’s autumn, are you ready for [old cold legs]?

Lord Wang is over 60 this year. Although the physical examination found that blood lipid and blood pressure were a little high, But there is no what discomfort at ordinary times, Every day, he hums a ditty and strides to the nearby park for morning exercises. However, recently Lord Wang always feels cold, sour and weak in his knees and calves. I can no longer take the original big step, Moreover, after walking for a few minutes, one must sit down and rest before walking again. At first, Lord Wang didn’t take this seriously either. Only when I was young, I often took a cold bath and fell off my old cold leg. So I soaked in hot water, put on plasters, got silver needles, and did physical therapy. what methods have been tried, not only did they not improve, but they felt that their calves were getting more and more boring. Under the repeated persuasion of his family, Lord Wang came to the hospital and was referred to orthopaedics and neurology successively. Finally, he was diagnosed in vascular surgery. Is [old cold leg] what? It turns out that Lord Wang suffers from common diseases of the elderly: Arteriosclerosis obliterans of lower limbs. Arteriosclerosis obliterans of lower limbs is due to atherosclerotic lesions caused by lower limb artery stenosis, occlusion and lower limb ischemic symptoms. Popular point is to give lower limb blood supply arterial vessels [rust] (atherosclerosis) to block the tube, There’s less blood on the legs, The blood supply is gradually decreasing, The legs and feet are getting weaker and weaker. If this blockage occurs in the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart, It may lead to the well-known coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction. [Three Highs] and obesity should pay attention to the improvement of everyone’s living standard. There is a car when you go out, There is meat to eat. Unconsciously, there are more and more [garbage] (triglycerides, cholesterol, etc.) in the blood. if things go on like this, This [garbage] adheres to the wall of blood vessels and forms atherosclerosis. In severe cases, it can even completely block blood vessels. According to statistics, At present, that incidence rate of atherosclerosis among people over 60 year old is as high as 79.9%, Among them, about 15% ~ 20% of the elderly suffer from arteriosclerosis obliterans of lower limbs. Among the patients with hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia, obesity and smoking, More people are sick. Find out in time, Arteriosclerosis occlusion is a slow development process before it is too late. Like the rust in the pipe is piling up, Finally, the tube was completely blocked. Early blood vessels were less blocked, It may only be manifested as cold legs and feet, numbness, acid swelling, etc. It is easy to be ignored at this time. Like Lord Wang, Thought it was [old cold leg]. As the blockage worsened, It may occur that the calf is sore and weak after walking for a long time. After sitting down and resting for a while, my soreness improved. Can continue to walk again] (medically called [intermittent claudication]). When this happens, Lord Wang chose hot blisters, plasters and other [folk remedies], obviously this does not have much effect. If the blockage is further aggravated, the blood vessels will be completely blocked at last, and the lower limbs will suffer from severe ischemia, which will lead to toe ulceration, wound healing and even blackening and necrosis. Fortunately, Lord Wang was treated before the blood vessels were completely blocked. How to treat? The treatment of [lower limb arteriosclerosis occlusion] includes non-surgical treatment and surgical treatment. 1. Non-surgical treatment for patients with mild symptoms is often treated through drug and lifestyle adjustment. Drug therapy: antiplatelet, vasodilator, etc. Lifestyle adjustment: quitting smoking and limiting alcohol, eating reasonably and strengthening exercise; Others: Control [three highs]. If Lord Wang goes to the hospital and gets a definite diagnosis when [his legs and feet are cold and his walking is weak], Surgical Treatment When there is such severe [intermittent claudication] or even [resting pain] and foot ulcer as Lord Wang, Surgical intervention treatment should be actively taken. At present, the most commonly used is [minimally invasive angioplasty]. After the doctor diagnosed Mr. Wang, He was immediately admitted to the vascular surgery ward of the hospital. The day after he was admitted to the hospital, Lord Wang successfully underwent [minimally invasive angioplasty]. The doctor punctured the blood vessel in the thigh root with a fine needle. The punctured pores opened the blocked blood vessels with stents. The cold legs and feet instantly warmed up, and the [old cold legs] that had troubled Mr. Zhang for several months magically disappeared. The whole operation only took more than an hour. The next day after the operation, Mr. Wang got out of bed and walked back to the previous [striding forward].