It’s not cost-effective to go across the sea to buy [water]: on homeopathy

Homeopathy is sought after by Chinese mothers mostly because of the crisis of trust in Chinese drugs.

Homeopathic products became popular in China around 2005, The rise of online shopping industries such as Taobao, In addition, there are frequent problems in drug safety in China, Many mothers expect to find some natural and safe drugs. Homeopathy products just satisfy the psychology of mothers. When many people do not know much about such products, Homeopathic products have become hot in China. Many mothers find homeopathic products as drugs. But strictly speaking, Homeopathic products are not drugs, It does not accept the strict approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Homeopathic products exist as an adjuvant treatment method in modern medicine. It is sold together with health care products in supermarkets in the United States. The reason why many people who use homeopathic products feel effective is that, Most of them are due to a kind of psychological comfort, The reduction of psychological burden has certain effect on the recovery of diseases, Especially colds and other diseases with self-healing tendency, Psychological effects play a positive role in improving self-immunity and fighting diseases. Moreover, most of the ingredients of homeopathy products are water. Drinking more water is also beneficial to the recovery of some diseases. Such as fever, cough and phlegm caused by colds, Drinking plenty of water helps relieve these symptoms. Homeopathy originated from a German doctor’s [whim] Homeopathy was founded by German doctor Samuel Hannemann in the 18th century. By chance, He found that after taking a small amount of cinchona bark used to treat malaria under healthy conditions, Fever similar to malaria can occur. As a result, He put forward a theory: Something that can cause healthy people to develop symptoms of a certain disease, It is a good medicine for this disease. That is, if you eat something, Some symptoms (such as fever, headache, nausea) occur, Then, in turn, When sick people show these symptoms (such as fever, headache and nausea), It can be treated by taking this kind of thing. For example, After eating cinchona bark, you will have fever similar to malaria. Then if the patient shows fever, It can be treated by taking extracted cinchona bark. That’s what he called [similarity] therapy [similarity]. Next, Harneman continued to test other substances (which often come from plant extracts) on himself and healthy friends. And after eating a certain substance, Just write down all the symptoms you have, And believes that these substances can cure these symptoms. Although the substances used in homeopathic products are taken from natural plants, However, substances from natural plants are not necessarily 100% safe. For example, scopolamine substances extracted from belladonna plants used clinically, There are strict usage and dosage requirements. Therefore, Hannemann did not use these substances directly as drugs, Instead, soak a substance in alcohol for a few weeks, The soaking solution is filtered to obtain a mother tincture of the substance. Then, He used some [mother tincture] by repeatedly diluting with water and shaking (shaking) strongly. Get the final product. Until now, This basic procedure is still used to make homeopathic products. Some products need to be diluted hundreds of times, This is generally indicated on homeopathic products, For example, [X] represents 10 times, 3X is 30 times, [C] stands for 100 times. According to homeopathists, Dilution and oscillation of the product can actually make it more effective, It seems that violent shaking can transfer energy to the water and leave a memory of the original matter. Homeopathists call it intensification, Depending on the number of times they are diluted, These products can obtain different potential energies. The common potential energy levels (in the order of increasing dilution times) are 6C, 12C, 30C and 200C. The more dilutions the product has, The greater the efficacy, The longer the action lasts. With the development of modern medicine, Homeopathy is declining in the United States. Homeopathy did prevail in the United States for a period of time when it was founded. Modern medicine was underdeveloped at that time, It is still in the stage of treating diseases by means of bloodletting and heavy metals. While these methods treat diseases, It can also bring great side effects to the human body. With the emergence of homeopathy, The invention meets the needs of people to cure diseases and ensure physical safety at the same time, So homeopathy did prevail in the United States for some time at the beginning of its establishment. With the development of modern medicine, The American medical community’s view on homeopathy is also gradually becoming clear. At present, the mainstream view in the medical field is: For the treatment and prevention of any disease, Homeopathic products are as effective as placebos. Homeopathy is gradually declining in the United States. There is only a small chapter on this therapy in the teaching materials of pharmacy students. Scientists educated in modern medicine generally believe that the principle of homeopathy is absurd. Taking highly diluted drugs is actually equivalent to drinking water. Because homeopathy products are usually diluted by water by 10 to the N power. Is this what’s concept? It is equivalent to dropping a drop of water into the ocean. In other words, The concentration of its active ingredients, Lower than a drop in the ocean, In fact, there is nothing but water in what. Oxford University in England has been conducting some demonstration experiments on homeopathy. However, the experimental results are not satisfactory either. A demonstration of homeopathy was published on Oxford University’s website in 2003. It was found that this treatment method did not have a very good effect on some patients with frequent headache. Six patients receiving homeopathy, Perennial headaches, But after a period of homeopathy, The headache has not eased. And so far, no scientist has come up with a complete and reasonable explanation for the therapeutic effect of homeopathy. David Cochran, professor of pharmacology at the University of London School of Medicine, published a paper questioning homeopathy in the July 27, 2006 issue of Nature. In his view, Homeopathy is just a number game. Homeopathy products are just placebos. Products that are not recommended for homeopathy are not registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The manufacture and preparation of homeopathic products do not comply with strict drug preparation specifications, Nor does it need clinical trials to prove its safety and effectiveness. The reason why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not strictly restricted homeopathy products, The important reason lies in the dilution theory of homeopathy, Once the product is highly diluted, The drug in the final product basically does not exist, At least it is not harmful to take it. But once it is found on the market that these products have not been diluted to a sufficient multiple, Bring harm to human body, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will require the manufacturer to recall the product. In other words, Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not regulate whether it has therapeutic effects, But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates its serious adverse reactions in the market. Once a product has serious adverse reactions, The Food and Drug Administration will require manufacturers to withdraw the product from the market. And announcing adverse reactions to the public. Since homeopathic products are equivalent to placebo, Then it is not recommended that mothers spend a lot of money to go to the sea to find these products similar to water, What’s more, Homeopathic products are not absolutely safe, There have also been cases of serious adverse reactions caused by some products that have not been diluted to a sufficient multiple. Therefore, even if mothers want to buy, it is better to go to the US Food and Drug Administration website ( to check whether the products they have purchased have any recall records or other bad news before purchasing.