Knee pain, in addition to surgery, there is what method can relieve?

Zhang Dama loves sports. She firmly believes that [living to be old and moving to be old] can keep people beautiful and benefit their body and mind. Although Zhang Dama is alive and well now, she has suffered a lot in the past few years.

A few years ago, Zhang Dama suddenly felt knee discomfort, But it was not taken seriously at that time. After a few days off, She felt more pain in her knee, and obviously affected her daily life. Her knee was sour and painful, and it was even more painful to go up the steps. Zhang Dama was worried, so she inquired about how to treat the disease. Just heard that the son of the neighbor’s old Zhong family was also suffering from knee pain after an injury. Last year, she underwent arthroscopic surgery, and the wound was only the size of two broad bean grains.

So she went to the arthroscopic clinic.