Masturbation is another form of children’s exploration of the world.

Not only adults can masturbate, so can children aged three or four. However, the form of masturbation in children is different from that in adults. Common forms of masturbation in children: touching and fondling external genitals with hands; Leaning against the edge of a table, chair or riding on a stool to rub the pudendum, etc. Adults masturbate may be for pleasure, However, for preschool children, this kind of behavior is not so much [masturbation] as [discovery of genitals]. According to the survey, 10% of children under 7 years old have masturbated, and the proportion increases rapidly with age. Up to 80% of children under 13 years old have masturbated. Why do children masturbate? At the stage when children explore various organs of the body and pleasure, It is normal to fondle one’s genitals. This behavior may begin in infancy. Genitals have many sensitive nerves. The feeling of caressing the genitals can easily make the child [swoon]. If the child feels bored or takes away something that can soothe him (such as pacifier), he may start masturbating instead. Masturbating in children is generally normal, but it may also be caused by other reasons: pudendum diseases or irritations, such as eczema, dermatitis, and inappropriate underpants size; Being neglected or under great mental pressure, such as lack of parental attention, is often criticized; Sexually assaulted, sexually abused. Don’t rush to blame when you pushed open the bedroom door of a 4-year-old, When you find that he is [playing with himself], don’t be too busy to draw conclusions, let alone blame the child. Because you don’t know whether the child is exploring the body or is really suffering from what. Your overreaction may make the child feel that some parts of the body are [dirty] or touching some parts is [wrong]; More serious may make children feel guilty. How should we deal with it? 1. Find incentives to check whether the child’s underpants fit and are too tight. When taking a bath, pay attention to check whether there is eczema or redness in the child’s pudendum. Has the child suffered violence such as sexual assault? If the above situation does not exist, then you can continue to observe and channel it. 2. Pay attention to the fact that the child will play with his genitals in what? Is it because he is bored, tired, lonely and nervous? Has the number of masturbations increased? If possible, Write down these contents. 3. Diverting your attention can solve most children’s problems. If you see your two-year-old daughter [riding on a swinging toy and refusing to come down], Trying to divert her attention, For example, take her to an amusement park. If you think the child relieves tension by massaging genitals, Then provide her with other relaxation programs. For example, to scratch her back instead. 4. Supervision If the child is in the stage of self-exploration, At least make sure he can’t play with other people’s genitals. When the children play together in the room, It is stipulated that they must open the door. 5. Educating Children about Privacy for most children, Stimulating genitals is normal behavior. You can’t completely prevent the child from masturbating, but you can control the place where the child masturbates. You can tell the child like this: It doesn’t matter to touch his penis, but it must not be seen by others. Should what see a doctor? If the following circumstances occur, take the child to the hospital in time: pudendal eczema and inflammation; The fondling of genitals has become more intense and frequent. Excessive friction of vulva, especially for girls, although this is very rare, it may lead to local infection; Children cancel social activities for masturbation; The act of fondling the genitals has become more public. Still masturbate in public after the age of 5. Children masturbate is usually just a form of exploration. As the child grows up, his behavior will be more in line with his age. The best way to deal with it as a parent should be to turn a blind eye and give more love instead of having long talks and fists.