Medical drama, which was full of mistakes in those years,

In recent years, medical TV plays have become very popular, In the United States, Dr. House, Grey’s Anatomy, Japan’s “White Giant Tower” and others have been sought after by drama fans all over the world. Domestic medical TV plays such as “Heart Skill” and “Doctor’s Benevolence” have also been launched. The so-called [watching the scene of bustle outside the door, Looking at the doorway in the door], ordinary audiences are fond of talking about the rich plot and tense first aid environment in medical dramas. However, doctors have discovered various medical mistakes in these dramas due to their professional sensitivity.

To this end, the Clove Garden Survey invited doctors to participate in the survey on medical drama to see what medical drama looks like in what in the eyes of doctors, and which is more reliable, American TV series, Japanese TV series or domestic TV series.

Of the 2012 doctors surveyed, 94% have seen medical TV plays, and 85.8% have found mistakes while watching medical TV plays. This error is as serious as Malaysia Airlines’ accident.

Of the 1,726 doctors who have seen medical TV plays, 53.7% of doctors are interested in watching TV plays. Watching TV to decompress is actually a good choice. 24.7% of doctors learn medical knowledge by watching medical TV plays. I hope these doctors will choose TV plays with a low proportion of mistakes, but they cannot be misled by wrong medical knowledge. Another 8.9% of doctors watch medical TV plays in order to find medical mistakes. It seems that frequent mistakes in medical TV plays have become entertainment items that doctors can enjoy talking about.

As a Chinese son and daughter, domestic dramas are naturally the most medical TV dramas seen by doctors, followed by American TV dramas. Hong Kong dramas, Japanese dramas and Korean dramas all watch more than 50%, which shows that doctors are very concerned about medical TV dramas in various countries.

Doctors pay so much attention to medical TV plays, Naturally, they will also be extremely concerned about the medical errors, The largest proportion of domestic dramas watched is the medical dramas that doctors think are the most wrong. 79.4% of doctors think that domestic dramas have many mistakes. Only 0.5% of doctors think that domestic dramas are basically free from mistakes. In contrast, 21.6% think that there are basically no mistakes without American dramas. Only 2.6% of doctors think that American TV series have more mistakes. The second best evaluation is Japanese TV series. When American TV series make medical TV series, most doctors will be invited as consultants to review the films. This is also the reason why their error rate is relatively low. Domestic screenwriters should also learn from it.

First aid knowledge is not only the ability that medical staff should have, but also the knowledge that all people in society should learn. It is very important to spread correct first aid knowledge in medical TV plays.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation ranked first in the first aid knowledge with the most errors, and the error rate far exceeded other first aid knowledge.

Of all the medical TV series, “Heart” won the first place with 334 votes, followed by “Obstetrician Male” with 329 votes, and “Doctor Benevolence” with 140 votes. However, such a high number of votes also shows the super-high ratings of these films.

As for the most professional medical TV series, Grey’s Anatomy became the most professional medical TV series in doctors’ minds with 449 votes, limp Uncle House could only come in second with 375 votes, and the third runner-up was the story of the emergency room.

A collection of the most intolerable mistakes

Warm Tip: Please do not watch the following contents under the conditions of drinking water, eating, etc.

1. [There is no aseptic concept], [wearing aseptic gloves and wearing glasses by oneself]. The lack of aseptic concept is the most common point for doctors in this survey.

2. [The film is reversed], [the CT film is said to be magnetic resonance], [pneumonia is said to be head CT], [pointing to the X-ray film is said to be the result of B-ultrasound], [taking a chest film, pretending to look at it for half a day, saying there is something wrong with abdominal CT], [taking the chest film is said to be a fracture of the lower leg]. I don’t want to say anything. After silently mending my brain, Xiao Bian has laughed to death.

3. [White coat is not fastened]. Doctors often feel like wearing white coats out of trench coats in various medical dramas. Walking in hospital buildings always feels like walking on the runway. Have you ever thought of the resentment of doctors who witnessed this scene?

4. [Run around with fracture patients], [draw out the knife directly after the knife wound], [take 200cc for blood test], [10g furosemide] [no matter the sudden death of what patients, electric defibrillation will be carried out when they come up]. These mistakes can be seen by our doctors and friends, but such mistakes can easily mislead the ordinary audience.

5. [Call while operating], [Auscultation to patients is too fast, people haven’t breathed yet], [Auscultation to chat] Actors comrades, although you really can’t hear anything, the basic qualities of actors are always required.

6. [Mahjong Awakens Vegetables] It turns out that Mahjong can not only prevent senile dementia, but also awaken vegetarians. According to this rhythm, the screenwriter of the play should bring Mahjong back to life.

7. [Every hospital is as leisurely as a nursing home! [Doctors and Nurses Work Too Leisure] Writers, can you recommend the same hospitals as nursing homes you mentioned? Doctors all over the country really want to know.

8. [Tracheal intubation can still speak], [Tracheal incision is connected to a ventilator, and the voice and emotion are combined to speak clearly] This patient has already acquired the legendary ventriloquism.