Men and women go to the toilet,

The women’s toilet is mighty and the men’s toilet is as lonely as snow.

Whether in Beijing, Tokyo or Paris, In airports, gas stations, shopping malls, high-end restaurants, Countless female compatriots are forced to suffer both physically and psychologically. Enduring endless waiting in the long line, Even if the destination is just around the corner. For them, The furthest distance in the world is not between heaven and earth, Nor is it life or death, But the short 5 meters from the door of the public toilet to the squatting position. There are few opportunities for men’s toilets to queue up. On June 11, 2013, In San Francisco, Apple held the World Developer Conference as scheduled, In addition to the release of new products, Another thing has also become a topic that everyone likes to talk about: the men’s toilets at the conference site are lined up in long lines, while the women’s toilets are empty. It is estimated that this scene has not changed much so far. Male netizens generally said: This is the daily (sigh) of the technical residence meeting… Female netizens excitedly said: You smelly men also have today! Hum! Isn’t it just a photo of a toilet queuing, how can it be so popular with public opinion? Because it is too rare to queue up at the door of the men’s toilet and not at the door of the women’s toilet! The toilet problem, from the perspective of physiological anatomy, is the difference between men and women in physiological structure and function, which is an important reason why women spend much more time on toilet than men. When the baby is born, there is no difference in urination between the two sexes. In early childhood, girls learn to stop nocturnal enuresis, Compared with male babies, they still have the upper hand slightly, However, women’s urination advantage has gradually declined since then, Men began to take the lead in the skill of excreting urine. Because men have long urethra, About 20 cm, And the opening points forward, Like a teapot with a long neck, So that when urinating, Urine can form a faster cluster flow. In this way, Men can use standing posture to throw urine forward, Without the risk of wetting yourself. Looking at women, The urethra was only 5 cm short, Easily contaminated to the surroundings, And the opening is down and the [range] is short, This makes it necessary for women to urinate in a squatting posture. Depending on the difference between standing and squatting, The urination time is different. The difference between [heroism] and [shame] from childhood. Therefore, Since learning to urinate in a standing position, The boy began to take his directed urine flu to novelty, There are often some urination-based games (competition [range], urinating and playing mud, etc.) between peers. On the contrary, The girl began to feel shy about the process, And began to use squatting posture, Hiding behind the bushes to complete urination, At the same time, the boys were shooting everywhere with their toes held high in front of the trunk. Boys and girls have different urination habits. From the beginning of school age, It will affect the emotional and behavioral patterns of both sexes regarding urination in their lifetime: Male: Be cocky and relaxed. For men, Urination is relaxing and pleasant (you can often hear men whistling a minor or humming a minor when urinating). Standing with your legs apart also provides enough psychological security, What was taken out of the zipper was a masculine [weapon], The shooting is accurate and full of strength. Under the influence of this psychology, The whole set of male urination movements is confident, relaxed and smooth. Many men began to loosen their belts and zippers from the time they stepped into the public toilet gate. Complete the whole set of movements at random and at high speed. Female: Caution and shyness, by contrast, Women’s urination is shy, cautious and even dangerous. Urination must take off the lower clothes and expose the body. It is also necessary to take the inconvenient posture of squatting, This greatly increases women’s psychological insecurity. Therefore, Women tend to spend more time looking for a safe and psychologically comfortable toilet seat. In addition, Compared with the high-speed movement of men [unzipping-firing], Women’s Complete Process: It obviously takes much more time to lock the door, take off the lower clothes, squat down to urinate, wipe, wear the upper and lower clothes, and open the door. In addition, Many women also need to deal with menstruation, make-up and take care of children while going to the toilet. Spend more time in the toilet. Woman: Long toilet time, The two high-frequency U.S. Research groups used squatting on toilet cards and stopwatches to time. It was found that it took an average of 168 seconds for a woman to enter the toilet entrance and finally get out of the toilet. In the same case, a man only needs 100 seconds. If only the [actual operation] time of occupying the toilet is calculated, It takes 45 seconds for men and 79 seconds for women. In fact, Not only does it take a long time for women to go to the toilet, The frequency of going to the toilet is also slightly higher than that of men. The average physique of women is smaller than that of men. There is still room for uterus in the pelvic cavity. Therefore, the bladder volume of ordinary women is smaller than that of ordinary men. Therefore, it is necessary to use the toilet more frequently. Different structures, Diseases also have different urinary system-related diseases for men and women. The prevalence rate is also different between men and women. For example, the incidence rate of urinary incontinence in women is twice as high as that in men. Women who are pregnant, give birth through vagina, All these may increase the risk of urinary incontinence in women. Women are also much more likely to suffer from urinary tract infection, overactive bladder disease and interstitial cystitis than men, which often lead to frequent urination. The team is too long to go? Don’t be capricious, out of concern for the inconvenience of going to the toilet, Many women began to use the two methods of drinking less water before going out and holding their urine to avoid using public toilets as much as possible. However, both methods are not conducive to their health, It should be avoided. If you don’t drink enough water every day, Light is prone to constipation, urinary system stones, brain concentration decline, In severe cases, nervous system dysfunction, shock and even life danger may occur. Long-term urine holding is not only easy to increase the probability of ureteral reflux, calculi and urinary tract infection, It also increases the risk of bladder cancer. In short, Although women do need more toilets than men due to their own physiological reasons, However, we still need to treat this physiological characteristic correctly, drink enough water and go to the toilet as needed. At the same time, we should pay attention to the health of our urinary system. If there are too many urination times accompanied by lumbago, aversion to cold and fever, nausea and vomiting, intractable thirst, fatigue, turbid or bloody urine and abnormal leucorrhea, we should seek medical treatment in time.