Men prepare for pregnancy, these three taboos must be known

Editor’s Note: This content was produced from the Round Table of “Methodology for Raising Two Children” jointly organized by Dr. Clove and Zhihu.

Men may need to make more money when preparing for a second child.

More money also means more overtime, more social parties, so it is more difficult to achieve a balanced diet, smoking and drinking more times. However, after all, men contribute half of their DNA and also shoulder the responsibility of good prenatal and postnatal care.

So, what specific problems should fathers pay attention to when preparing to have a second child?

In fact, it is the same as the first child.

First, weight control

Fat, may make men no longer strong.

High body fat in men will seriously affect fertility. The following picture shows how bad excessive fat will give fertility to fertility:

The specific explanation is here:

    Excess fat will cause some physical changes to men, including erectile difficulties and scrotal temperature rise, which will lead to a decline in sperm quantity and quality, and fertility will naturally decline. Excessive fat will lead to a drop in testosterone levels. In addition, it may also lead to sleep apnea, which indirectly affects the rise in testosterone levels during night sleep. Under this double influence, the overall level of testosterone has decreased. Testosterone determines manliness and also affects fertility. Less testosterone, less manliness and lower fertility. Excessive fat in men can also cause endocrine disorders, thus increasing estrogen levels. Evidence is that many very fat men’s breasts have become the same as women’s. Moreover, excessive estrogen will also affect the quantity and quality of sperm. In addition, the levels of leptin and insulin in obese people will also rise, which will affect the quantity and quality of sperm.

How do men lose weight?

Like all weight loss, there is only one way: shut up and keep your legs open.

Shut up: Control the total calories according to your height and weight, and at the same time pay attention to the proportion of carbohydrates, protein and fat in your diet. Choose foods that are rich in nutrition but low in calories, instead of foods that are empty in calories but low in nutritional value. For example, you can put less oil in cooking and drink less sugary drinks. You used to like braised meat, but now you can eat lean meat instead.

Take one’s legs:Aerobic exercise consumes fat, anaerobic exercise increases muscle, and the two are combined.

Men need to mend some what?

1. DHA

Do you know? The three organs with the most DHA in the human body are: brain, retina and testis.

DHA does what in his testicles? Nature is the most important physiological function that affects testis, that is fertility.

You know, the appearance and vitality of sperm and even the flexibility of the tail that helps sperm swim forward are closely related to DHA.

Simply put, without DHA, even if sperm swims to the egg, there is no way to combine with it. This is only the tip of the iceberg of DHA’s impact on male fertility.

However, the human body cannot synthesize DHA and can only reserve DHA for the body through diet.

Which foods are rich in DHA, which is most easily absorbed by the human body? Mainly fatter fish, such as salmon, sardines and green mouth.

2. Folic acid

Scientists have found that antioxidant nutrients in diet are related to fertility. Specifically, folic acid and zinc intake are related to sperm motility, vitamin E intake is related to sperm shape, and zinc intake is related to sperm concentration.

How much folic acid do you want to eat a day? The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends 400 micrograms/day.

Foods rich in folic acid mainly include green vegetables and beans. It is necessary to ensure one kilo of green vegetables and about 22 ounces of bean products a day.

3. Zinc

The recommended zinc intake for men of childbearing age by the Chinese Nutrition Society is 12.5 mg/day.

Foods rich in zinc include: thin red meat, sesame, oysters, scallops, nuts, pumpkin seeds, shrimps, yogurt, oats, etc.

4. Vitamin E

The recommended intake of vitamin E for men of childbearing age by the Chinese Nutrition Society is 14 mg/day.

Foods rich in vitamin E: malt oil, corn oil, sunflower seed oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, almond/almond/American almond, hazelnut, peanut, spinach. Whole grains contain higher vitamin E than refined rice flour.

To reach the daily recommended amount, 30 grams of sunflower seeds and 30 grams of almond are sufficient.

5. If you can’t eat a balanced diet every day, you can take men’s multivitamin tablets.

What are the taboos for men?

STEP 1 Smoke

Tobacco will directly affect sperm production, leading to a decrease in the number of sperm, and will slowly make the testis smaller.

Moreover, smoking by prospective fathers will bring second-hand smoke and third-hand smoke to prospective mothers and future babies, which is very harmful:

Pregnant women are often exposed to second-hand smoke, which is easy to lead to tubal pregnancy (one kind of ectopic pregnancy), stillbirth, premature delivery, abortion and low fetal weight.

Smoking by father and mother will increase the risk of sudden death of the baby before the age of 1, and the baby is also prone to illness and asthma.

Smoking by prospective fathers before their mothers become pregnant will increase the risk of cancer in their babies’ childhood, especially leukemia and lymphoma.

Step 2: Alcohol

Animal experiments show that long-term drinking will reduce sperm count and motility, thus reducing fertility.

Long-term heavy drinking will affect the synthesis of testosterone in the body, thus reducing [manly taste] and sperm concentration, and will lead to erectile difficulties.

Drinking alcohol will also consume folic acid in the body, leading to folic acid deficiency, thus reducing fertility.

Alcohol will affect the baby’s genes, and the baby will be more likely to suffer from hereditary diseases. It is mainly by reducing the methylation of sperm genes to change the gene expression of sperm, so that genes that were not originally expressed can be expressed.

Genes carry our genetic codes, which determine our height, appearance, intelligence quotient and other characteristics.

But not all genes are expressed, that is, some genes carry genetic codes that have not been translated into our body characteristics. For example, someone carries the gene for type 1 diabetes, but he does not have type 1 diabetes because the gene is not expressed.

Then alcohol has the ability to translate these genes that were not originally expressed into physical characteristics. Now scientists believe that some irreversible behavioral and intellectual development problems in children are related to alcohol.

3. Poison

This need not be said much. Not to mention the damage of drugs to one’s own health and the health of the next generation, drug addicts, as a social person, cannot distinguish right from wrong, cannot control their own behavior, and are not qualified to be fathers.