Mineral water, purified water, plain boiled water… Which kind of water is better to drink?

Everyone has had the same experience.

Whether it’s headache, stomachache, cold, or even big aunt…

Someone will always tell you: drink more hot water.

However, mineral water, purified water, soda water, lactic acid bacteria water, distilled water… which water should I drink?

Today, Dr. Clove will tell you how to choose.

[Drink plenty of hot water] Is the answer correct?

Actually, it is right.

Water is an important part of diet and a necessary substance for all life activities.


Do you have to drink 8 glasses of water every day?

Generally speaking, healthy adults need about 2500 milliliters of water every day to maintain normal metabolism.

At first glance, it is really terrible, but in fact you don’t have to force yourself to drink enough water. Because besides drinking water directly, food and metabolism in the body produce water.

Adults with light physical activity living in mild climate conditions need to drink about 1500-1700 milliliters of water (about 7-8 cups of disposable conventional paper cups) every day.

However, the water demand will be affected by many factors. For example, under the condition of high temperature or increased physical activity level, the water demand can be appropriately increased. However, if there are more soups in the diet, the amount of drinking water can be appropriately reduced.

总之, 不用为了每天必须喝够 8 杯水跟自己较劲儿.

Is it better to drink in what?

Remember three principles: Drink in small quantities and many times, take the initiative, and don’t wait until you are thirsty. For example:

    One cup in the morning can effectively compensate for water consumption at night and reduce blood viscosity. Have a cup between work hours to effectively relieve work pressure. One cup one hour before the meal can effectively stimulate digestive juice secretion and promote appetite. One cup before going to bed at night can effectively prevent the increase of blood viscosity at night.

总之就是: 见缝插针, 逮着机会就喝几口.

Which kind of water is better?

1. Mineral water

Natural mineral water does contain a certain amount of calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, strontium, metasilicic acid and other mineral salts.

But if you want to use it to supplement minerals, it is a little difficult for it.

Take the most common calcium, the recommended daily intake is 800 milligrams. However, the calcium content of so-and-so mountain spring is 20 milligrams per litre. Drinking it to supplement calcium means you need to drink 40 litres of water every day to supplement it.

If it is purely to supplement minerals, it is better to eat green vegetables.

Step 2: Drinking water directly

Whether direct drinking water is good or not depends on the what water you buy. As long as it is a qualified product, it is safe.

The most common problem with direct drinking water is the hygiene of drinking fountains. If you don’t clean it for a long time, drinking fountains are indeed good bacteria petri dishes.

Therefore, it is best to clean up the drinking fountain every 1 ~ 2 months.

Step 3: Soda

Soda water is an aqueous solution of baking soda (scientific name sodium bicarbonate) and is also a weakly alkaline water that continues to be popular. There are three common problems:

I heard that acidic constitution is a sub-health state, so I want to drink soda water?

The pH value of the human body is relatively fixed, and even a little touch will kill people.

Besides, if we really want to use [alkaline water] to change our physique, wouldn’t it be better to drink some alkaline water and mix noodles every day?

Can soda remove blackheads?

From the point of view of chemical reaction alone, water and grease are incompatible and the reaction is extremely slow. Before blackheads disappear, the skin may be destroyed first…

Can soda water lose weight?

It’s just that you use gas to fill your stomach without sugar intake and use satiety to cheat you into eating less. In short, the principle of losing weight is still: shut up and keep your legs open.

4. Lactic acid bacteria water

Lactic acid bacteria water is a new force in the drinking water market. It looks like water on the outside, but tastes like yogurt. It is said that it can strengthen intestines and stomach and help digestion.

After all, water that can be stored at room temperature for 12 months must have been sterilized at high temperature. Where is what lactic acid bacteria?

5. Distilled water

Distilled water is simply the same as the water on the lid when cooking.

This method can remove most pollutants from tap water, and multiple distillations can also improve the purity of water.

As for the function of distilled water, there are two words: replenishing water.

6. Plain boiled water

This is the water recommended for drinking in the latest edition of the Dietary Guidelines.

Boiling tap water can not only kill various microorganisms, but also precipitate excessive minerals and volatilize volatile chemicals in water, which is the most economical and safe purification method.

Moreover, there is no need to worry about the safety of tap water. The 106 national drinking water testing standards will help you check.

Legend has it that thousands of boiling water is not good? There is some truth, after all, it costs electricity to boil repeatedly.

As for the carcinogenic problem, it is still an old saying that those who talk about toxicity without dosage are all playing hooligans. Even if the water is boiled 20 times, the nitrite content is lower than the national standard for drinking water.

In short, as an essential nutrient for human body, water’s greatest value is to quench thirst, as long as safe water is selected.