N Methods of Egg Death

There is such a family in the ovary, which carefully cultivates an excellent egg every month, sends her to look for her true sperm, and then passes on the family’s history.

If the egg finally meets the sperm and successfully combines to give birth to a new life is compared to the end point of the egg. Then there are only a few that can reach the end point.

What adventures will happen to the small eggs in their life?

First, he died before he could conquer.

Eggs are the seeds of life produced by women’s ovaries. Her most happy ending is to meet and combine with true-life sperm to form a new living body.

However, the reality is often not so happy, almost the vast majority of eggs are out ahead of schedule before reaching the finish line!

There are about three ways to die before they can conquer:

1. It takes too much energy and time to raise an egg. Ovarian mothers have limited energy and many children may die young.

In the process of ovarian development and maturity, the number of eggs has decreased from several million to only over 100,000. At this stage, the proportion of dead eggs is the largest.

2. Eggs can develop and mature in follicles under the action of sex hormones.

However, only one egg can develop and mature every month. In a woman’s life, the number of eggs that can mature is about 400. Apart from these 400 eggs, the rest will die of their own accord before they reach the mature stage. This is also a method of death before they can conquer.

3. Another method of death is more equal. For example, women with polycystic ovarian syndrome basically have no eggs to mature every month. When the eggs grow to a certain size, they will not grow much. However, fortunately, I am not big, and you are not big either. Hey hey, everyone dies together!

Second, suffocation

Mature eggs are not necessarily happy either. If a woman’s body is mature due to hormone problems, but she cannot break the coat (follicle) wrapping the egg, she will eventually have to die humbled in the follicle.

Three, bored to death

Some eggs are smoothly discharged from follicles after maturity, but this is only the first step.

Next, the egg enters the fallopian tube through the umbrella end of the fallopian tube, which is the gate of the fallopian tube. The egg must pass through this gate to reach the place where it is dating sperm.

For women with chronic salpingitis, the door of the fallopian tube near the ovary may adhere, closing the passage and the door cannot be opened.

Then, this poor egg can’t get into the fallopian tube, so it has to draw a bored circle around the fallopian tube and ovary until the end of its life.

Four, walking tired to death

If tubal inflammation is not so serious, it is still possible for eggs to enter the tubal cavity.

However, the fallopian tube is still affected by inflammation. A smooth road has become full of thorns, winding and winding. It seems that it is not through. Walking and walking, it can neither meet the true sperm nor walk until it is exhausted in the fallopian tube…

Five, lonely death

Well, one egg finally arrived at the date place in the fallopian tube after all kinds of hardships, but still did not meet the right sperm, so she had to feel sorry for herself and die alone.

Some people with neat legs and feet, who wanted to see sperm earlier, went to the uterus. Unfortunately, they were still alone. After their death, they followed their great aunt to the wonderful world outside and were finally discarded into the garbage can.

Six, high cold death

There is also a kind of egg, which is relatively lofty. If the quality of the sperm chasing her is not high and the crooked melon cracked jujube, she would rather admire herself and die of high cold.

Seven, happy death

Of course, there are also eggs who have reached their true sperm in the fallopian tube. They meet with the sperm, fall in love with each other, and combine to give birth to a new life. It is really a happy death.

Eight, freeze to death

Since the birth of IVF, eggs have had one more way to die.

Through certain methods, the eggs that are promoted to be excreted are frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen, waiting for thawing in the future. However, not all eggs are so lucky, and some will never wait for the day when [thawing] occurs, so they have to stay in liquid nitrogen until they freeze to death.

After watching it, do you think [it is really not easy to have a baby]?

Yes, this is the fate between you and your baby. Oh, cherish it!