Novice parents must know: How to hold the baby?

After the baby was born, it was a soft and glutinous ball, which was very cute.

As novice parents, now there is a required course: hugging the baby.

Holding the baby will bring him a sense of physical and mental security and help him grow and develop. However, parents should pay attention to the correct posture.

Hold the baby in your arms

When holding the baby, you can use the following three ways.

Type 1: Put it in your arms.

Type 2: The baby’s head rests on your shoulder, with one hand covering his back and the other holding his hip.

Type 3: Hold him like a football. Let the baby lie flat on one of your arms, close to one side of your body, and then hold his head with the palm of your hand.

Pick up and put down the baby

In the first 3 ~ 4 months, when you pick up the baby or put him down, the most important thing is to protect his head. The baby in this period cannot support his head yet. His neck is very soft and his head is very heavy.

Moreover, the movement should be slow and gentle, so as not to frighten him.

Pick up the baby

Type 1: If he is lying flat, put one hand under his neck, and then open your fingers to support his neck. Bend down so that you can easily put the other hand under him. Hold the baby in a ball and gently hold it. Don’t hang his arms and legs out shaking.

Type 2: If the baby is lying down, you need to put one arm under his shoulder and neck. Hold his chin in a cup shape with the palm of your hand, put the other arm under his waist, and support his abdomen and thighs with open fingers. Hold him tightly and gently.

Or, if it is easy for the baby to turn over when he is lying on his stomach, turn him face up and pick him up in the first way.

Put down the baby

Put your arms under him and slowly lower his head and back. Make sure you hold his head. Lower his hips and gently pull your arms out of his body.