Now the beauty salon is going to scare people to death!

Today, Dr. Clove saw someone forwarding the following picture in his circle of friends:

It really startled me!

Don’t worry about whether this blood purification is what or dialysis. If she really didn’t cheat or fake, she really drew out human blood and lost it back!

Now beauty salons can also casually engage in this kind of treatment, how daring! Not afraid of human lives!

This is really not an exaggeration at all. We will analyze the risk step by step.

1. Risk of thrombosis and hemorrhage

In this so-called [blood purification] operation, the blood is drawn out into a tube. You know, once the blood leaves the body, it will solidify.

During similar operations in hospitals, anticoagulants will be used to flush the tubes through which the blood will pass in advance to prevent the blood from solidifying inside, blocking the tubes, or small thrombosis entering the blood vessels of patients, causing danger.

Anticoagulants are also afraid to use too much. If excess anticoagulants flow back to patients, the risk of bleeding will increase.

It is hard to imagine that a technician in a beauty salon can master this kind of skill. I suggest that she should take an examination of a practicing doctor.

2. Shock risk

When similar operations are carried out in hospitals, such as dialysis, the speed should be strictly set according to the patient’s weight, blood pressure and other indicators, and strict monitoring should be carried out during the process. Once the patient has any discomfort and blood pressure drops too fast, immediate measures should be taken to prevent danger.

There are still many risks:

    In case the closure is not good, the air will mix in, causing more air embolism and death. In case the blood flows in the tube, the speed and temperature are not well controlled and hemolysis occurs, it will die. In case the patient is allergic to the material of the tube and has a serious allergic reaction, he will die.

The above-mentioned risks may also occur during dialysis treatment in the hospital. However, there are rescue equipment in the hospital. Doctors and nurses all know how to observe what, what situations should be taken and how to deal with them.

If it happens in a beauty salon, if the technician in the beauty salon can also handle these, I suggest that she still take an examination of a practicing doctor.

In addition, there is a risk of infection, of course, there may not be, depending on how the beauty salon disinfection is doing. In case the last user has what infectious disease and disinfection is not good, the next user will suffer?

It’s no use taking this risk.

Having said the risks, let’s talk about whether this [blood purification] is useful. If you can live forever after it, it is worth the risks.

I have studied medicine for so many years, and I haven’t figured out how this [blood purification] is done. Look at their description of the efficacy, that is, the fat and [toxins] in the blood are filtered out, and then your blood is clean. This process, although they say it is not dialysis, sounds quite like dialysis.

Those patients undergoing dialysis in the hospital need manual help because their kidney function is not good.

Moreover, what is discharged is not [poison], but excess substances that should have been discharged from urine in blood. What, the metabolite, is excess, not harmful.

In normal people who have no problem with renal function, what should be ranked, and the kidney will be ranked by itself. There is really no need for manual help. All kinds of substances that may have been well balanced may be out of balance when you engage in them.

Is the so-called [toxin] what?

Looking at the bag of so-called [toxins] [fat] on their picture, the more they look at it, the more they look like useful things in blood-plasma, white blood cells and platelets.

There are red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma in the blood. Draw a tube of blood, plus anticoagulant to prevent coagulation, blood will be stratified, at this time, red blood cells are below, white blood cells and platelets are in the middle, a very thin layer, above is plasma.

    In addition to water, plasma also contains a series of things we need, such as protein, coagulation factors, vitamins, trace elements, etc. White blood cells play an important role in our fight against various bacteria and viruses.

They are all useful things, not rubbish. At ordinary times, when drawing blood in the hospital, when drawing two tubes at most 5 milliliters, I feel distressed. I have to make up for it. This time I was taken away by others at least 20 milliliters. How can I not know how distressed I feel?

Please ask the relevant departments to take care of it.

Today’s beauty salons are also getting bolder and bolder, and their tricks are getting more and more. We can’t just refute the rumor. One foot higher than the road, one foot higher than the magic, how can no one take care of it?

This new type of [black technology] really stunned us. If our friends know more, please share it with us and we will continue to pay attention.

Source: See Marks and Watermarks