One [fetal stop] will not interfere with your plan to have a baby.

One of my wife’s girlfriends was pregnant for more than two months. When she spoke to my wife on the phone, she said that her early pregnancy reaction time seemed to be extremely short. It lasted for less than a month and suddenly disappeared two days ago. Now she has no feeling of nausea and feels very comfortable.

Out of caution, I suggested that she have a B-ultrasound examination, and the results showed that the embryo had no heartbeat.

In fact, she suffered from [fetal abortion].

Is what a Fetal Suspension?

The so-called “fetal suspension” is also called “stillbirth” or “stillbirth”. This is a popular saying. In fact, it refers to the fact that the embryo stops to continue to develop with the increase of months after pregnancy. It may be that there is an empty embryo sac that cannot produce fetal buds, or the embryo sac that produces fetal buds but has not produced fetal heart beats all the time, or it may have fetal heart beats before and then disappear.

Most cases of fetal abortion are called “missed abortion” in medicine, that is, the abortion has actually occurred (the embryo has stopped developing), but the embryos that have stopped developing have remained in the uterus and have not been discharged.

How did you find the fetus stopped?

In fact, it is more difficult to find the fetus to stop childbirth, because some people’s performance is very similar to threatened abortion, such as a small amount of vaginal bleeding and slight abdominal pain, and many people have no symptoms at all.

In addition, the example at the beginning of the article is to tell everyone that the sudden disappearance of early pregnancy reaction in a short period of time may also be a manifestation of fetal abortion.

How to deal with the occurrence of fetal abortion?

Once the abortion has occurred, it is impossible to recover, but the embryo has not yet been discharged from the uterine cavity, so the next step is only to perform curettage surgery. Therefore, there is no other better plan for what to deal with the problem of fetal abortion.

Can fetal abortion be avoided?

Regarding the suspension of fetal childbirth, many people are concerned about two issues: