Only when you are terminally ill can you understand that living is a miracle! See how he conquers cancer

Editor’s Note:

< < Anti-cancer Me > >, tells the story of a young man who, with the help of his family and friends, fought against cancer.

This is a real experience that happened to the screenwriter himself.

Adam, 27, lived a simple, peaceful but fun life.

He loves his job, loves his girlfriend deeply, has a friend who talks about everything, and has a harmonious family.

However, this happiness was broken by a cancer diagnosis book-Adam was diagnosed with a rare neurofibroschwannoma.

Facing the sudden blow, Adam could not understand and accept it:

I don’t smoke or drink. I don’t have any bad habits. How can I get cancer?

After learning of his illness, Adam’s life changed dramatically. From initial resistance and disbelief to gradual acceptance of reality and treatment.

Adam’s colleagues reacted differently to the news, but most, including Adam’s ex-girlfriend, only comforted him with empathy [everything will be fine].

He went to see a psychologist, but was assigned to an intern who had no medical experience and had not yet obtained a license.

She tried hard to appease an Adam, but she copied the words and stiff actions of the book, making Adam extremely uncomfortable instead of relieving the pressure.

The health headline said

When diagnosed with cancer, the grief of patients and their families stems from the panic of terminal illness, the uneasiness of the unknown and the fear of death. In addition to the treatment of cancer itself, psychological counseling for patients and their families is also very necessary.

The situation abroad is just like that shown in the movie. These psychological counseling work will be completed by social workers, volunteers or psychologists with relevant professional backgrounds.

In China, the psychology of tracking and counseling patients and their families is basically in a blank stage. First, medical staff have no time to take care of it. Second, the problem itself has not been paid attention to.

Fortunately, however, this situation is beginning to be paid attention to by more and more doctors and scholars. A good mentality has a positive effect on the treatment of cancer.

At this time, Adam’s friend Carl was very helpful.

After learning the news of Adam’s illness, Carl did not show sadness, but also played the role of happy fruit to help him relax.

He poked fun at Adam’s bald head.

Taking advantage of Adam’s illness, helping Adam to strike up a conversation with the girls.

Accompany Adam like a child, destroying his ex-girlfriend’s oil painting to vent his sadness.

It was through the efforts of his good friends that Adam gradually accepted the facts and was determined to actively treat and face the disease bravely.

During the treatment, he met some patients who were in the same boat.

They became friends and encouraged each other. However, soon after, the new friend died of illness. Adam fell into fear and escape again:

Maybe the next one is yourself.

At the same time, he also gradually discovered the efforts of the people around him.

It turns out that friends who are heartless on the surface will read books on how to fight cancer with friends behind their backs.

It turns out that mothers who have always been strong also need to attend fraternity meetings to increase their confidence.

It turns out that psychologists who are still young are making continuous efforts for their own psychological counseling.

The health headline said

Cancer is enough to subvert the track of normal life. Not only patients, but also close relatives and close friends often need to face it together.

In the process of cancer treatment, we should always pay attention to the patient’s psychology and the social environment in which the patient is located, so as to help the patient maintain a positive attitude and jointly face the possible results.

For confirmed cancer patients, doctors should formulate corresponding treatment plans after relevant tests and evaluations, and jointly agree with patients and their families.

The extent to which the treatment plan can prolong the patient’s life, how much physical and mental pain it will bring to the patient, and the cost of the treatment should also be considered. This all needs to be weighed up. Health headlines believe that this should be decided by the patient in the awake state, while the person closest to the patient in the non-awake state (husband and wife > parents > children).

What family members should do is to fully communicate with doctors and give patients more reliable information. In addition, scientific nutritional support, companionship and encouragement are especially important in the final stage of cancer.

Adam needed surgery after a period of treatment.

The doctor told him frankly that only when the operation was successful could he continue to live.

Before entering the operating room, Adam suddenly realized that his life might come to an end and he might never wake up again.

But all he can do at this time is hug his family and friends and tell them that he loves them.

At the end of the movie, Adam’s operation was successful and he had the hope of continuing to live.

Perhaps only when you are in desperate straits can you understand that living is a miracle in itself.

The health headline said

If you suffer from cancer unfortunately, it is recommended to choose the best regular hospital within your financial ability and find the right departments and doctors as far as possible.

It is the most favorable situation for patients to give full trust to hospitals and doctors and actively cooperate with doctors’ arrangements.

While paying attention to cancer patients, don’t neglect the care and guidance for other relatives and friends.

This is a very interesting and touching movie, which is worth watching. However, I hope everyone is healthy and will not experience Adam’s story in reality.