Onychomycosis-health question and answer

Two days ago, I received a high school classmate, 8 years younger than his wife to have a second child. Their daughter is already 12 years old. At the beginning, she thought that she could only have one child anyway. How refreshing she was after the operation, who knew the pain was killing her. Heard that there is an analgesic pump that works well now, so she came to me first to inquire if the experience of analgesic pump is as good as imagined.

I didn’t answer his question directly, but asked him a question first: What do you think of the pain after the operation? The classmate looked at me with a face of doubts. You are really behind the times. Your wife knows that she doesn’t feel sorry for her so much, and she hasn’t been scolded for being drenched with dog blood? As far as I know, Most people think so: Dolantin is a drug. It is addictive to use it, not to mention the pain of uterine contraction when giving birth. Of course, you have to endure it. However, you may not know that the World Health Organization has listed pain as the fifth vital sign, and many 3A hospitals have already made [painless hospital] one of their daily work goals! No matter what kind of pain, None of us should let nature take its course and let it go. First of all, Pain after surgery, It will make the patient unable to have a good rest. Secondly, The pain made the patient afraid to turn over and move. Thrombosis is easy to form in lower limbs, Particularly obstetric patients, Recovery of intestinal peristalsis was also delayed, Don’t eat early. Besides, Pain can also raise blood pressure, If the patient originally has hypertension, Then the risk of stroke will increase. I sighed helplessly and said: There is no scientific basis for this. Anesthesia pump used after cesarean section, Most of them are made on the basis of “semi-hemp”, This anesthesia technique, It is called “intraspinal anesthesia” in medicine. These drugs mainly act around local nerves. There are very few drugs that enter the blood and then run into the brain, and the concentration of drugs is only one-fifth or one-sixth of that when anesthesia is performed. How can one make one stupid? Does your wife’s colleague feel that his memory is declining, he wakes up earlier and earlier in the morning, and he is unable to cope with his work? In fact, her attention turned more to the child, which had nothing to do with the analgesic pump. The classmates took out the spirit of breaking the casserole and asking the end. A pair of small eyes with high myopia glasses stared at me tightly. I couldn’t help laughing: Of course not! Some parturients cannot do hemp, The kind of pump just mentioned will not work. But can use “vein pump”, the effect is slightly poor, do not nurse pregnant women can use. However, obstetric anesthesia is done as far as possible under the “half hemp”, some analgesic can be directly added to anesthetic, analgesic time also has nearly 20 hours, basically can meet the postoperative analgesia of parturient. Looking at the students thoughtful appearance, I took the initiative to ask: Is there any what problem? He smiled and said: That depends on the illness. If the pregnant woman is complicated with “hypertension complicating pregnancy”, I would recommend it, The rest is just to tell you that there is this analgesic method. After all, this is a self-funded project. It is necessary for the patient to sign and agree. The former problem is obstetrics. Now it seems that it is not the first child that has been dissected and the second child must be dissected. However, your big baby is 12 years old, and this fetus is still operated on. The latter problem, I have to go to work, and I will give you some time to talk about it next time!