Play games with the baby, he will become smarter.

Ding Ma said:

It’s a rare holiday, and it’s about to start the magic moment of accompanying her all day long.

In addition to putting down the mobile phone rationally and deliberately, it is also necessary to set up an environment suitable for the baby to play, especially to learn some games to play with the baby. It will only cover the face with the hand to amuse the baby? At first glance, it is not an interesting mother (father).

Here are some ways to make children play smarter.

Games are very important to children.

  1. Promoting Children’s Growth for children, playing and learning are the same thing. From trying to grab the rattle for the first time to mastering complex computer games, children learn and grow from playing and gradually master social and language skills.
  2. Let parents know more about their children. By playing with their children or carefully observing their children playing, parents can understand their children’s thoughts and feelings and how their children make decisions and solve problems in the games.

  3. Playing with your child is also an important time to build a family relationship. You can learn how to be a good parent, and at the same time let your child know that you care about him and his world. These are very helpful to the development of your child’s ability and self-confidence.