Poor quality [dentures], why can’t you do it?

Jianghu traveling doctors have existed since ancient times. It is common to change places with one shot. Jianghu dentists are the most common one and are especially hateful.

In some suburban counties and rural fairs where health supervision is relatively backward, it is most common: a table is spread out with a tablecloth, all kinds of dentures are placed, colorful bottles are placed, and then a sign is hung, saying: [three-minute tooth implantation] [painless tooth extraction] [soft bionic tooth implantation]… in short, how mysterious how come, some of these nouns are estimated to have never been seen by a real dentist.

So today I’ll nag about the dentures made by roadside stalls.

In the Department of Stomatology, It is often seen that some patients come to see a doctor with their mouths covered. He said he had toothache, pus and an unpleasant smell just after his teeth were inserted. However, most of these people have something in common: most of them are greedy for the cheap prices of roadside stalls to insert dentures, while others have seen small advertisements like [beauty crowns] on the Internet and made dentures in various unreliable clinics.

What is a poor prosthesis

The so-called bad prosthesis is actually a denture that is not good for the human body, but has many disadvantages. [Prosthesis] is the name given to denture by a professional doctor in stomatology.

Because of the wrong design, they have caused damage to the patient’s remaining teeth, gums and other soft tissues. The “soft bionic dental implant” made of self-setting plastic on site, which is common on stalls, is a typical bad prosthesis.

There are even some called “fixed dentures”, which are different from the fixed dentures made in hospitals. Travelers use plastic and iron wires to tie the dentures directly to the healthy teeth nearby, regardless of the huge cost.

What are the hazards of bad prostheses

1. Harm to gum and periodontal

Such as this kind of denture making method, which roughly uses iron wire to tie plastic, because the material is rough, it damages the normal gap of tooth arrangement, and more food residue will remain in the gap of teeth. The fastest occurrence is gingival bleeding and periodontal pus overflow. Over time, the teeth began to loosen. The symptoms became more and more serious because they could not be removed normally.

2. Harm to remaining teeth

Similarly, because normal cleaning work such as brushing teeth is blocked by these dentures, tooth decay of adjacent teeth will occur over time, bringing obvious toothache symptoms.

3. Odor in oral cavity

It is easy to understand that bacteria like to grow in places full of all kinds of dirty things. They will give off a nauseous smell, which is not only unbearable to others, but also unbearable to some patients and even to themselves.

4. Occlusal discomfort

The dentures we make in regular hospitals or clinics often need to be visited several times, because they will be carefully polished during the visit to make the dentures suitable.

However, roadside [fast dental implants] do not have the patience, after all [time is money]. Bad vendors sometimes operate directly in the oral cavity and cannot restore normal occlusion, which eventually leads to occlusal discomfort of patients and dysfunction of temporomandibular joint (that is, the joints on both sides of our chin movement).

5. It’s not really scaring you, it will cause cancer!

Long-term stimulation of oral mucosa by poor prostheses will lead to ulcer, which will not heal for a long time. Eventually, long-term quantitative changes will lead to qualitative changes and induce oral cancer.

6. Dentures are poisonous!

For the sake of low cost, common street goods often use crude materials, some of which are materials that have long been eliminated from dentistry, and some of which are even plastics that cannot be directly used in human body. The harm of these substances to human body should not be underestimated.

What should I do?

I have extremely regretted it, but I have already spent 50 yuan of pocket money to make dentures. What if I can’t take them off?

Regret is useless. At this moment, there is only one way for patients who have already made poor repairs: don’t feel distressed, tear it down quickly!

  1. Removing the defective prosthesis is the first and most important step. Only after removal can it avoid its continuous damage to human body.

  2. The prosthetic doctor shall make perfect and appropriate denture design according to the patient’s missing teeth characteristics and economic bearing capacity.

  3. According to the treatment plan, we will try our best to treat and preserve the remaining teeth that can be preserved, and pull out the teeth that cannot be rescued. Periodontal treatment is also required when necessary, and tooth washing is also necessary.

  4. Complete the final denture restoration.

The previously mentioned [beauty crown] (click here to view the ugly lies of > > [beauty crown]) is also a bad prosthesis.

Therefore, we must be on guard against this kind of unscrupulous [dentist] who takes advantage of people’s greedy and quick mentality. Only by staying away from them is the best way to protect oneself.