Potato skins boil water to dye their hair, and their white hair turns black immediately? Only in this way can hair dyeing be effective and safe.

There is a video in which the host teaches everyone to dye their hair with boiled potato skins.

After the on-site test, compare the appearance before and after dyeing the hair, and the effect is obvious.

Many people think this is really a good method after seeing it. Effective, cheap and fast! Can the water boiling potato skins really blacken hair?

It’s true!

There are some substances that can cause [browning reaction] in boiled potato skin water. This brown water can darken the color of hair to a certain extent.

However, what needs to be made clear is that this kind of black is dark brown at most, which is far from reaching the black color of hair dye and needs to be brushed repeatedly. More importantly, this dyeing method is temporary and fades when washed with water.

It seems that the problem of white hair is not so easy to solve.

Why is there white hair?

In general, 74% of the population will have gray hair at the age of 45-65.

The most fundamental reason for white hair is the damage of pigment cells in hair follicles.However, heredity, some chronic diseases, bad emotions or greater stress may all lead to white hair.

Which dyeing methods work?

You must have heard a lot of hair dyeing methods. Among them, the so-called “natural dyeing method” is talked about by many people.

The things used are usually natural materials, such as Chinese herbal medicine, coffee, tea, coconut oil, apple vinegar, baking soda, etc.

Judging from the principle of hair dyeing, the dyeing effect of potato skin boiled water should be the best among them. Other dyeing methods have not been studied to prove whether they are effective.

However, it should be noted that we must not blindly try what. Because these homemade hair dyes, the appropriate concentration and the duration of hair dyeing are difficult to master.

An aunt developed irritant dermatitis on her head and face because she tried to dye her hair with apple vinegar.

In fact, if you want to dye your hair, you can try chemical hair dye.Most of the time, hair dye is demonized, which is one of the important reasons why people go to great lengths to find other natural methods of dyeing.

Is chemical hair dye safe?

Most of the hair dyes we use at home or in barbershops are permanent hair dyes.

From the effect point of view, permanent hair dye has good dyeing effect, various color choices and long maintenance time.

But dyeing does damage hair quality. Because during permanent dyeing, certain ingredients in the hair dye will be responsible for spreading the hair scales on the surface of the hair, which can make the dye easier to color. However, in the long run, the hair quality will be damaged and become thinner and more fragile.

However, most toxicological and epidemiological studies at present show that:

Some carcinogenic substances contained in hair dye have been gradually eliminated since 1970s, which is the main reason why hair dye does not cause cancer.

However, there are still some problems that need to be paid attention to if you want to use them safely.

Do you need to pay attention to what during hair dyeing?

Acute poisoning caused by hair dye requires a higher concentration, but to reach this poisoning concentration, unless the hair dye is swallowed.

Therefore, more attention should be paid to avoiding allergy after contact-hair dyeing dermatitis.

Patients with hair dye dermatitis are mostly due to the purchase of unlicensed fake and inferior products. In addition, many friends who suffer from hair dye dermatitis have a history of skin diseases and even a clear history of hair dye dermatitis before.

In fact, allergy to hair dye can be tested in advance.

It is recommended to apply a small amount of hair dye to the skin in inconspicuous areas such as behind the ears, and wait for a moment to see if the skin will have allergic reactions.If so, this product is not recommended.

Therefore, if you don’t like the appearance of white hair, and your skin has no allergy and no history of hair dyeing dermatitis, permanent hair dyeing is an effective method.