Pregnant Dad School: When the wife is pregnant for the second month, should the prospective father do some what?

A month later, the impact of the good news of pregnancy has gradually ebbed, and your mood should have calmed down, right? Is it occasionally suspected [true]?

Indeed, the wife’s belly is not as big as it is shown in the TV series. It is not as pregnant as it is!

But have you noticed how many times she goes to the toilet every day? How can she feel sick so easily? Why does she always let you go downstairs to the convenience store to help her buy food in the middle of the night?

Perhaps the only part that makes [wife pregnant] real is your self-doubt:

    Can I be a good father? Can I take good care of them? Will she love her children more than me?

I have good news for you. It is absolutely normal to be unable to sleep at night after thinking about these problems. This shows that you have entered the role of “father of the child”.

However, those big boys who have no ideas and live as usual have no time to think about these things. They have not yet entered the role.

This month, for her sake and for your sake, I suggest doing the following things well.

Be diligent and share the housework.

If you are like her, you want to collapse on the sofa like a snake after work every day, think of her: not only has she been as busy as you all day, but at the moment her body is also mobilizing a lot of resources to [create] the little life in her belly, and she is working harder.

Yes, [making] life, which makes her more tired than at any time since she met you. Therefore, even if you used to be a model husband, now you should make persistent efforts and work harder.

Pick up the dirty clothes, stuff them into the washing machine, cook dinner well, and wash the dishes after eating. If you don’t do these things before, please take them down.

Of course, the wife at this stage cannot be completely lazy on the sofa. After all kinds of housework, please drive her up and walk around until she sweats slightly, and then rest for five minutes (or ten minutes …).

Always remind yourself that things are probably like this: in her belly, there is a baby who depends entirely on her survival. Accordingly, she needs a partner like you to take good care of her.

Real life: Who will take care of TA when the child is born?

Don’t complain, it is really not too early to discuss this issue now.

It is suggested that you and your wife discuss this issue openly. The following starting points are for reference:

  1. Do you and your caregivers have the same views on parenting?

  2. Are you sure that the caregiver will treat the baby sincerely?

  3. Is the caregiver’s physical condition acceptable?

  4. What is your budget if you need to bear the expenses?

Talk to the caregiver and share your concerns and concerns, no matter how happy the caregiver is, this is not a good job in what, and taking care of the child involves considerable responsibility.

Tell yourself that I [chose] TA to take the main care responsibility, which can make this decision formal.

Oh, by the way, have you studied the baby’s health insurance clearly?

She wants to eat what, please satisfy her

As you remember, her hormone levels rose sharply, and her sense of smell and taste changed greatly.

This means that she will suddenly feel that the food she loved before smells like rubbish. She may kneel on the ground in the middle of the night and beg you to help her buy something she had never eaten before.

At such times, don’t get angry and don’t complain. I know, it usually happens when you are about to play a game. Be considerate of her taste buds soaked in hormones…

Don’t take pregnancy vomiting seriously. She said that you should remember the unbearable taste and try not to touch it on your body-I’m not just referring to hot pot. She can really smell what you have eaten. I don’t believe you can give it a try…

These careful care may be trivial, but it is of great significance to her. Don’t skip it, the gentleman is coarse and meticulous.

When chatting, focus on her

Always ask her how she feels, and you need to help her do what-of course, if someone has just finished vomiting, please don’t ask [are you feeling okay], no one will feel good.

The following potential needs, perhaps your wife also has:

  1. Press one’s feet;

  2. Eat something what suddenly thought of;

  3. Shave the beard clean;

  4. Take the fried food home to eat;

  5. Hurry out, she wants to go to the toilet;

  6. Accompany her to the prenatal examination, or ask about the situation on the day of her prenatal examination; … …

The prenatal examination in the first trimester of pregnancy, if you can accompany her, try to accompany her. Because you are likely to hear the baby’s heartbeat and see the baby’s appearance in the belly for the first time with her, do you really have to miss such a special moment…


Similarly, at the end of the day, I will give you a guide to this month’s actions.

1. Her body changes

Her stomach will not change anything this month, but her sense of taste and smell has become extremely sensitive. Please take a serious bath and avoid eating food she hates near her. She wants to eat what, please try to satisfy her various… wishes.

2. Her mood changes

She will become irritable, Any little thing can ignite the fuse of her emotional outburst. Among them, Some she doesn’t want to talk to you, I don’t even want to be asked. For example, Don’t ask her [baby, are you constipated], you are dying… but she can take the initiative to stir up this topic. At this time, you can buy her some foods rich in crude fiber from the supermarket, such as cooked oats, green beans and green beans as a kind of [help]. Don’t take the initiative to mention it until she jokes about [constipation].

Step 3 Take the initiative to do housework

She will be very tired, more tired than ever before, so tired that you need to do all the housework. If she needs to sleep all day, don’t mention it, do it all. Of course, it is recommended that you drag her up and move. If the doctor doesn’t require [absolute bed stay], walking is good for her and the baby.

4. Have you chosen the main caregiver?

It is not too early to choose the main caregiver at this time. You can discuss it with your wife more. After the decision is made, talk openly with the selected object and express your worries.

STEP 5 Pay Attention to Her Physical Feelings

If she says her feet are swollen, do you know what to do? Help her pinch her feet and raise them when resting.

Do you know what to do if she says she has cramps? Don’t be too busy supplementing calcium, teach her to stretch and buy her loose trousers.

If she said she was dizzy, constipated and unhappy, do you know what to do?

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