Prepuce balanitis-health question and answer

A few days ago, the TV hit “Legend of Wu Mei Niang”, Let people see the real but not demonic image of the first female emperor in Chinese history. Even more, I feel that a generation of empress is nearly 80 years old and still glorious and moving. As < < New Tang Book > > said: “Although she is high in spring and autumn, she is good at painting herself, but she does not realize her decline.” It means that she is good at skin care and painting, making her youth permanent. In fact, Wu Zetian uses a facial mask called “Immortal Jade Woman Powder”.

As time goes by, in the 21st century, facial mask is no longer a luxury for the royal family, but a necessity for more and more people who love beauty. However, consumers are paying more and more attention to the safety of facial mask because of the increase in usage.

Some grandstanding, eye-catching or other people have created different [mask demon theory]. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I didn’t realize it was time to come out and shout: mask demon theory can be stopped!

Of course, all the facial masks we are talking about are qualified products purchased through regular channels.

Demon 1: Mask Contains [Preservative]

Preservatives need to be added to any skin care product, which is an important step to ensure the safety of skin care products. Just like food sold at the counter, from counter time to consumer consumption time, preservatives within a safe dose range are needed to ensure that food will not corrupt, as are cosmetics.

< < Regulations on the Administration of Cosmetic Labels > > > stipulates that limited preservatives need to be marked in products. Therefore, those who are marked with preservatives on the market are [good children], while those who are not marked are [bad children] who are prone to adverse reactions. The addition of preservatives only needs to conform to the relevant rules in < < Cosmetic Hygiene Standards > >.

Demon 2: Mask Contains [Fluorescent Agent]

There are two issues to be explained here:

First, the fluorescence of a substance is one of the characteristics of the substance itself. Such as fireflies and jellyfish, fluorescence originates from [fluorescent protein], And any object will develop color when illuminated by a specific light source or wave band. Have you ever danced on the dance floor? For example, if you wear white clothes, you will become a shining star. This is the fluorescent agent. Or, if you try to buy an ultraviolet flashlight, turn off the lights in the room and illuminate everything in the room, you will definitely find something that shines.

Second, why should cosmetics be added with so-called fluorescent agents? In fact, the manufacturer did not add what fluorescent agent at all, but some components in cosmetics will emit fluorescence at specific wavelengths. Fluorescent agent, a new solution that is alarmist!

Demon 3: Mask is the best bacteria [culture medium]

The presence of normal colonies on the face and the symbiosis of parasites form the microbial barrier of the skin. However, the time the mask is applied can allow pathogenic bacteria or opportunistic pathogenic bacteria to multiply, which is purely a fallacy.

When the laboratory measured the total number of microorganism colonies on the facial mask, it put the product into nutrient agar medium for 48 hours, and there were specified temperatures and relevant operating procedures. In a short period of time (mostly 15 minutes), bacteria that can produce [four generations in one house] are really monsters!

Here, I would like to remind all sisters who love beauty that facial masks have different textures and different usage methods that need to be made clear before application: how long do non-woven fabrics, silk, bio-fiber membranes and nano-fiber membranes need to be pasted and whether they are washed off; Dosage and residence time of mud paste and cream type; How often do you use frosted type and exfoliated type? This is what consumers should really pay attention to.

Demon 4: A Bureau Releases Prohibited Mask or Related Series

Moving out of government agencies seems to deceive many innocent consumers and make people pale. [Ah, what should I do? ] In fact, there is a very perfect system for the domestic cosmetics supervision system. I have briefly summarized [432], specifically [four systems] [three departments] [two treasures].

The [four systems] are respectively the legal system, the supervision system, the testing system and the technical specification system. This is a regulatory situation in which many departments are jointly responsible for the quality and safety of cosmetics. At present, in addition to the government’s administrative licensing inspection, a risk assessment system parallel to that of foreign countries has been added.

The [three major departments] are the food and drug supervision and administration department, the quality supervision, inspection and quarantine department and the administrative department for industry and commerce. They hold on to different law enforcement basis to guard the front line of cosmetics safety.

[The two great treasures] are < < Cosmetic Hygiene Supervision Regulations > > and < < Cosmetic Hygiene Standards > > respectively. If you want to know more professional knowledge, you can learn these two documents.

In addition, if you want to make inquiries, you can make relevant inquiries on the website of the State Food and Drug Administration, Any individual or self-proclaimed organization is not believed.

After sweeping away so many evil spirits, it seems peaceful. However, the key is that our consumers need to continuously learn some correct popular science knowledge, the media release some information closer to science and truth, and we will continue to work hard to do a good job in product testing and inspection for the benefit of consumers.

In the end, Mei Niang sang “See all the beauties in the world, wait for the flowers to be full and the moon to be full.” Faint worry, stroke sleeve is cloud smoke].