Professional pharmacists teach you how to use eye drops, ear drops and inhalers correctly.

When my daughter was over two years old, I had an allergic conjunctivitis. I prescribed eye drops for her from the hospital and took them home. When I saw that I was going to drop eye drops for my daughter, My husband is extremely motivated, After taking eye drops, I planned to give my daughter some. I asked him if he knew how to use eye drops. He said it was very simple, Pull open the upper and lower eyelids, point in the center of the eyes, the TV eye drops advertisement is doing so. I told him to do this on the eye drops point on the cornea, will let the cornea be stimulated, adults will feel uncomfortable, let alone the baby. TV advertisements like that eye drops are to produce visual effects, but they are not professional.

When using eye drops, we should not only not be affected by TV advertisements and make the mistake of putting eye drops on the cornea, but also pay attention to the following details:

Don’t put the bottle cap down. Put the bottle cap down, The edge of the bottle cap is easily contaminated with bacteria on the contact surface. In the long run, bacteria may also enter the eye drop bottle, Cause eye infection. The correct way to put it is to put the bottle cap upward. Or lie down. Don’t put eye drops in pockets and other close-fitting places. Eye drops are best kept in a cool place. If you put it close to your skin, The temperature of the human body will raise the temperature of eye drops, And reduce the efficacy of the drug, The efficacy of the drug has decreased, Even if the medicine is dripped according to the method of use, Nor does it have a good curative effect. So, When you have to bring eye drops when you travel, It can be placed in a specially prepared carrying box, This is convenient and can ensure the drug effect. In strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions, the conjunctival sac capacity of eye drops is limited. The amount of one drop of eye drops is just right. Some people mistakenly believe that one more drop will increase the curative effect. Not really, More eye drops may be absorbed by the whole body through the eye mucosa, Increases the risk of side effects. Children have been poisoned by atropine when using atropine eye drops for mydriasis. Correct use of eye drops requires not only attention to the above details, but also following the correct steps: 1. After washing hands with soap solution, gently pull down the eyelid with your fingers; 2. Drop a drop of liquid medicine into the conjunctival sac between the opened lower eyelid and eyeball, not on the black eyes. The volume of the conjunctival sac is limited, so one drop is enough. 3. After dropping eye drops, press the inner canthus with your fingers for about two minutes to prevent the liquid drops from flowing into the nasal cavity along the nasolacrimal duct; 4. After that, wipe off the excess liquid medicine with a clean paper towel. Tip: The second step is the key step, When I posted the correct usage of popular science eye drops on Weibo, Many people exclaimed that they were wrong in the second step. In addition, The following points should also be paid attention to when using eye drops: 1. If two or more eye drops are used at the same time, The interval between the two should be more than 5 minutes, Otherwise, the second drug will rinse out the first drug, Or the reaction between the two affects the curative effect. 2. Shake well before using suspension eye drops. 3. Eye drops (except suspension), If there is precipitation or color change, Don’t give your eye drops to others. 4. Don’t give them to others, In order to avoid cross infection. If some eye drops have bitter taste in throat after use, It is a normal phenomenon, This is caused by the liquid medicine flowing through the nasolacrimal duct to the pharynx. 5. Eye drops are best kept in a cool place. Eye drops requiring special storage conditions, It should be stored according to the instructions. After the eye drops are opened, The use is generally not more than 30 days. In addition to a single dose of artificial tear-like eye drops, Other packaged eye drops will legally contain bacteriostatic agents (commonly known as preservatives). Because the internal environment of the eyes themselves is sterile, Once the eye drops are opened, If there is no bacteriostatic agent, You may catch miscellaneous bacteria, When used again, it is possible to introduce miscellaneous bacteria into the eyes. This also emphasizes washing hands before using eye drops. The reason why eye drops should be discarded after 30 days of opening. At the same time, It is also because eye drops contain bacteriostatic agents, Therefore, it is not recommended to use eye drops for a long time in the name of eye care. The use of ear drops is required. After some patients use ear drops, Feel dizzy and nauseous. This is because the temperature of ear drops is too low. The human ear is divided into three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. The vestibular organs of the inner ear are very sensitive to cold stimulation, The temperature of the ear drops is too low, It will break the temperature balance of the inner ear, After cold stimulation of the vestibular organs of the inner ear, It can cause dizziness and nausea. Therefore, To avoid stimulating vestibular organs of the inner ear, It is best to keep the temperature of ear drops consistent with body temperature. When using ear drops in a low temperature environment, Hold the bottle in the palm of your hand for a while in advance. Or put the ear drop bottle in warm water at about 40 ℃ to warm it, When the temperature of the liquid medicine is close to the body temperature, shake it well before use. The correct steps for use are: 1. Wash hands, remove pus in the ears with wet paper towel and keep the ears dry, and lie on the bed with your head tilted to one side or side. If the user is a child, stretch the auricle downward and backward to open the ear canal; If it is an adult, Stretch the ear upwards. 2. According to the number of drops specified by the doctor, Drop the liquid medicine into your ear, And gently press the ear screen with your finger for 3-5 times, To help the liquid medicine flow into the ear. Note: After using ear drops, keep lying on your side for more than 5 minutes. Make the mucosa in the ear fully absorb drugs, In order to achieve the purpose of treatment. Aerosol inhalation therapy is one of the effective methods to control asthma. All kinds of inhalers should be used correctly. How effective is inhalation therapy, It is related to the selection and correct use of inhalation devices. A brief introduction is given to the common inhalation devices and their correct use methods. Pressure metering aerosol inhaler Pressure metering aerosol inhaler is made up of drugs, Propellant, surfactant or lubricant. The aerosol using the inhalation device includes Vantolin aerosol, Chuankangsu aerosol, Aiquanle aerosol, Bicotone aerosol, Fushuketone aerosol, Pulmick aerosol, etc. The application method of the inhalation device is as follows: 1. Remove the cover of the cuff, Before use, gently shake the medicine storage tank to mix well. 2. Lean back slightly and exhale slowly. Exhale as much air as possible from the lungs. 3. Hold the suction port of the inhaler tightly in the mouth, And hold his breath, Press the inhaler with your index finger and thumb, Release the drug, And at the same time do slow deep inhalation synchronized with spraying, Preferably more than 5 seconds (some devices have flute sound, If you don’t hear the flute, you don’t inhale the drug.) 4. Hold your breath for 10 seconds as much as possible. Make the drugs fully distributed to the lower airway to achieve good therapeutic effect. 5. Put the cover back on the nozzle. 6. Rinse the mouth with clear water to remove the residual drugs in the upper pharynx. There are two kinds of dry powder inhalers commonly used in China: one is a storage dose vortex type dry powder inhaler, commonly known as Dubao, such as Pumikdubao and Oxdubao; The other is a quasi-receiver, For example, the usage method of Seretide and Dobao: 1. Rotate and remove the bottle cap. Check the dose indicator window, See if there are enough drugs left. 2. Take all the drugs in one hand, Holding the bottom cover with the other hand, Turn right to the bottom and left to the bottom, At the sound of a click, That is, one dose of filling is completed. 3. Before inhaling, Exhale gently first (do not blow into the suction nozzle), The suction nozzle is contained in the mouth, And take a deep breath, That is, complete one inhalation. Hold your breath for about 10 seconds after inhaling the medicine. 4. Cover the bottle tightly after using it. Note: Rinse your mouth with clear water after each medication. Usage of the adapter: 1. Open the outer cover: Hold the shell with one hand, Place the thumb of the other hand on the thumb handle. Push the thumb outward until the lid is completely open. 2. Ready to inhale: Hold the adapter with the suction nozzle facing yourself. Push the sliding rod outward until it makes a [click] sound. Indicates that the adapter is ready to inhale drugs. 3. Inhale drugs: Exhale slowly first (do not exhale into the suction nozzle), then put the suction nozzle into the mouth and inhale the medicine deeply and smoothly, not through the nose. Take the aspirator out of the mouth. Continue to hold your breath for about 10 seconds, then exhale slowly through the nose. 4. Turn off the aspirator (it means closing when you hear [clicking]). Note: Rinse your mouth with clear water after each medication!