Proper Use of Mosquito Repellent Liquid

Its safety and effectiveness have been verified clinically, Moreover, the mosquito repellent liquid recommended by FDA and CDC in the United States mainly contains the following four components: DEET, mosquito repellent ester (also known as IR3535, imonin), picaridin and Oil of lemon eucalyptus. Among them, DEET is forbidden for babies under 2 months old and lemon eucalyptus is forbidden for children under 3 years old. These are also the main components of mosquito repellent products on the Chinese market.

DEET contained in mosquito repellent liquid, Developed by the United States Department of Agriculture in 1946, It was registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1957 and began civilian use. It has been used to repel mosquitoes for nearly 60 years. It is the most widely studied and used mosquito repellent ingredient. So far, it is still the [reference standard] for other products in terms of safety and effectiveness. The American Association of Pediatricians believes that products with DEET content below 30% can be used by babies over two months old, and it is safe to apply them correctly according to the instructions. Pregnant women and lactating women are also safe to use them strictly according to the instructions.

Mosquito repellent liquid should only be used on exposed skin and clothing, Do not touch the wound, Do not touch your eyes and mouth, It should also be used less in the ears. Not to mention spraying it on the inside of clothes. When it is used by the baby, Don’t let the baby apply it on his own. Spray it on adults’ hands and then apply it to the baby. Remember not to apply it on the baby’s hands (to prevent handling the entrance). If the baby’s skin is allergic, stop using it immediately. Mosquito repellent liquid is only used outdoors. After returning indoors from outdoors, wash the mosquito repellent liquid on the body and clothes with soap liquid immediately.

Buying mosquito repellent products is recommended to go to regular shopping malls, pharmacies or pharmacies. Buy products produced by regular manufacturers, The product packaging should contain the following important information: approval number, production batch number, validity period, effective ingredients, how to use correctly, contraindications when using, etc. It is best to have a free telephone number from the manufacturer, and problems can be consulted during use. It is not recommended to find mosquito repellent products on the net, and many products on the net have not been clinically verified.

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