Protect adults or children?

In everyone’s impression, there is often a situation in the delivery room, that is, to protect adults or children.

When I communicate with the family members of the lying-in women at work, sometimes some husbands add at the end: “If only one can be guaranteed, the adults will be guaranteed.”

I estimate that they have watched too many TV plays. The doctor hasn’t spoken yet. He just gave an account of the situation and the other side took the initiative to show his determination.

Pregnancy and childbirth are risky.

To tell the truth, I also don’t know that this kind of statement of “protecting adults or children” began to appear in what. Anyway, I have never encountered such cruel questions in my work, but I have only seen them in movies and TV plays.

Moreover, most of those movies and TV plays reflect the situation 40 to 50 years ago or earlier. There was a very important difference between that time and now: cesarean section was rare, and anesthesia technology, surgical technology, antibiotics and so on were not mature enough.

In the past, the risk of getting pregnant and having children was very high. It is no exaggeration to say that [a child’s birthday is a difficult day for a mother] [giving birth to a child is a swing on the jaws of death].

The high risk rate of giving birth to children during pregnancy is caused by various reasons, such as insufficient health care during pregnancy and inability to detect obstetric complications at an early stage, such as eclampsia, placental abruption, placenta previa, etc. Or combined with other internal diseases, such as heart diseases, liver and kidney diseases, etc., thus endangering the life of the parturient.

In the process of delivery, if dystocia occurs, delayed delivery will occur if the treatment is not timely, causing uterine rupture, or uterine atony and massive hemorrhage, which are all fatal complications.

In addition, postpartum hemorrhage and amniotic fluid embolism are the common causes of maternal danger, not to mention the backward medical technology in the past.

Therefore, in ancient times, many women died at a young age, largely because pregnancy and childbirth were a high-risk thing.

One glory is all glory, one loss is all loss.

In fact, what I have not understood is, is there a what way to save children at the expense of their mothers?

As long as the child has not been born, the mother is the full support of the fetus, and all situations that endanger the mother’s life certainly endanger the fetus’s life.

Newborns have other risks, such as premature delivery, infection, fetal hypoxia, etc., which will endanger the life of newborns.

Therefore, the risk rate of perinatal infants is itself higher than that of pregnant and lying-in women.

Cesarean section technology has saved many lives. Difficult to produce, then do surgery cesarean section, although there is a risk of surgery, but with the current technology, the risk of uterine rupture or massive hemorrhage caused by dystocia is smaller.

Under normal circumstances, cesarean section saves both adults and children, and there is no problem of choosing between adults and children.

For an obstetrician, the reason why the pressure is great is that your treatment will involve two lives.

When encountering problems, the doctor must first consider adults: as long as the child is not born, the adult’s problems will definitely affect the child, which is not a good choice.

Weigh risks, not give up adults or children.

Sometimes adults have no problem, but the fetus has the manifestation of intrauterine hypoxia, and it may be risky not to give birth as soon as possible, so cesarean section will also be recommended. Although the damage to adults is a little greater, it is more beneficial to children.

In this case, there is no need to let the family members make a choice, which is the medical principle of obstetric treatment.

Doctors should make suggestions according to medical principles, instead of letting family members choose whether to protect adults or children.

There are also some cases, pregnant women themselves combined with other diseases, if continue pregnancy, may endanger life. For example, patients with severe preeclampsia, if continue pregnancy, the final outcome is likely to be adults and children can’t protect, doctors should make recommendations to terminate pregnancy, this is also a recommendation, rather than let family members choose.

Of course, the lying-in women and their families have the right to decide on the doctor’s advice. They have the right to accept or refuse the doctor’s advice.

There are also some cases where there are several plans for medical treatment, and the profits of adults and children may be different.

For example, the risk of adults in Plan A is relatively small, while the risk of children in Plan B is relatively small, which may require pregnant women and their families to make choices.

However, it should be noted that this is not the so-called protection of adults or children. No matter which one is chosen, these plans will not kill the risky party. If this is possible, then this plan should be directly rejected.

Therefore, when a husband offers to protect adults, I will correct him quickly. We will try our best to protect both adults and children!

It is really cruel to let a man choose between his wife and children. I think it is better to leave such questions as [protecting adults or children] to movies, TV plays or literary works to stir up emotions.

Author: Tian Jishun

Editor: Zhang Jingyuan

This article is excerpted from < < Male Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Tells You > >, which is reprinted by Clove Garden authorized by the author.