Questions that doctors are unwilling to answer.

Many people who seek medical treatment have had such experiences: I took pains to register, queue up, Until facing the doctor, Doctors are reluctant to answer many of the questions raised, Even you’re welcome to say, is disdain to answer. Of course, this cannot rule out some reasons for doctors’ accomplishment and professional accomplishment, but from my personal experience and that of my colleagues around me, the fundamental reason lies in these questions themselves. So what kind of questions do professionals not want to answer or even disdain to answer? This article makes a summary of these issues, welcome to take the corresponding seats.

First, the problem of violating common sense.

There are some questions that cannot be answered from the existing knowledge and it is estimated that there will not be any in the future, because they violate basic medical knowledge and natural laws, such as: [There is a what method to survive without eating? [How can we never die? Although few people will ask such questions at present, there will be variants. For example, the above two questions can become [how turned himself into a vegetable capable of photosynthesis through Bigu? ] and [What green foods can increase life expectancy to 200 years? ] and so on.

Second, non-professional issues.

Medicine cannot answer all questions about health and physical discomfort. Professional doctors can only use existing medical evidence to solve the problem. Use medical standard terminology to answer specific questions. Some patients’ questions are within the professional framework. The doctor can give the answer immediately, Some are outside the professional framework, Doctors must try to turn it into a professional problem. For example, [how to treat stomachache] this problem, Strictly speaking, this is not a professional issue, Because there are many reasons for stomachache, The treatment is also different. But through the efforts of doctors, It can be transformed into a professional issue, For example, through consultation and physical examination, As well as necessary checks, It was found that the stomachache of the patient was gastritis caused by Helicobacter pylori. It can be treated by eradicating Helicobacter pylori. Is the doctor willing to answer, It depends on how difficult it is to turn this problem into a medical problem. In contrast, [when I get nervous, a little mouse grows in my stomach immediately, running back and forth, even into my calf], few doctors will try to turn this problem into a medical problem because it is too difficult or impossible at all.

Third, commercial issues.

This part involves more people and things, Of course, the most common Chinese characteristic is traditional Chinese medicine. Almost every doctor has been consulted by patients for traditional Chinese medicine treatment of certain diseases. Whether it is chronic non-infectious diseases such as tumors, hypertension, diabetes, It is also infectious diseases such as chronic viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, upper respiratory tract infection, etc. In addition to traditional Chinese medicine, There are also makeup and skin care products that dermatologists are often asked about. The so-called infrared and magnetic therapy questions often asked by rheumatic immunology professionals, Cardiologists are often asked about dredging blood vessels and so on. The reason why these are all included in commercial issues, Because they are basically not formal medical problems. First, these things are not supported by basic medical theories. Second, there is no clinical verification evidence, and third, there is no peer review review. When confronted with outspoken doctors, they will directly say that it is useless, while rigorous and responsible doctors will say that there is no evidence to support them. However, more doctors are unwilling to provoke trouble and adopt a noncommittal and obedient attitude.

The above three kinds of questions are common professional doctors are unwilling to answer. Professional doctors are unwilling to answer, and non-medical professionals are eager to know. This kind of question cheats like best. For the first kind, they have their own teachers, Master Bigu and Wang Lin, to guide them. For the second and third, there will be miraculous doctors and miraculous drugs recommended to cure all diseases. Ordinary people will feel that cheats are more knowledgeable and kinder than doctors. They almost have to answer all questions and do everything. However, the price paid is often the price of both human and financial resources.

When you plan to ask for help because you cannot get a satisfactory answer from the doctor, you may as well check whether your problems belong to the above three types.