Ready to have children? We must pay attention to these 8 problems.


Does lubricant affect pregnancy when you love?

It is possible.

Studies have shown that female lubricants can kill sperm or interfere with the fertilization process. The pH value of most lubricants is unfavorable to sperm, and the viscosity will affect sperm movement.

If lubricants have to be used, it is recommended to choose those products with clear marks that do not affect pregnancy.

Certain drugs

What drugs must be stopped?

The simplest answer is to stop using all unnecessary drugs when preparing for pregnancy.

Some drugs may damage the fetus, but do not stop using necessary drugs, such as hypertension and epilepsy drugs, without authorization.

When preparing for pregnancy, be sure to consult a doctor to make sure that the drugs taken will not affect the fetus.

Large doses of caffeine

Can I still drink coffee when I am pregnant?

In fact, it is misinformed that pregnant women cannot drink coffee on the Internet. Coffee can be drunk, but not in excess. Excessive amount will increase the risk of abortion.

How much is that excessive?

The specific amount cannot be calculated according to the number of cups drunk, because the cups vary in size and coffee. According to US research, coffee can be drunk after pregnancy, but the total amount of caffeine consumed should not exceed 200 mg per day.

In addition, it should be noted that caffeine is not only found in coffee, but also in tea, cola and some functional drinks.

Mercury in fish

How can you get enough unsaturated fatty acids without taking mercury when eating fish when preparing for pregnancy?

Fish meat is rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as − 3, especially DHA and EPA, which are very important for the development of fetal brain and eyes. At the same time, several kinds of fish are also prone to mercury enrichment, and high doses may affect the development of baby’s nervous system.

It is recommended to eat fish with low mercury content but high nutrition content, including herring, mackerel, artificially raised rainbow trout, salmon, sardines, etc. Of course, besides fish, eggs, milk, soybean milk, fruit juice, yogurt, bread, cereal, butter and other foods are also rich in unsaturated fatty acids.

For women who do not eat fish, they can also take some supplements appropriately. Some multivitamin tablets also contain DHA. Please carefully check the ingredient list before taking them.

The mercury content in the body can pass blood tests or hair samples. If you are not at ease, you can also go to the hospital for tests.


Do you want to quit drinking when preparing for pregnancy?

At present, it is not certain how much alcohol intake is safe for pregnant women, nor is it certain how sensitive the fetus is to alcohol.

Therefore, it is suggested that all women who are ready or already pregnant should be cautious and avoid alcohol intake as much as possible.

For women who are preparing for pregnancy, try to avoid drinking alcohol in the second half of the menstrual cycle, that is, after ovulation, because they may be pregnant at this time.

Household cleaner

If you want to find an excuse not to do housework, this reason must be very good-some detergent ingredients may have toxic effects on the fetus.

Some products often claim to be [all natural] [biodegradable], but this does not mean that they are safe.

In fact, white vinegar and water are mixed at a ratio of 1: 1 to become a good detergent. If you like fragrance, you can add a few drops of essential oil.


Does stress affect conception?

If you can’t conceive a child for a long time, people around you may say comfortably, “Don’t be too deliberate, relax, and the child will have it.”

This also makes sense. Too much stress or too much stress will affect hormone secretion, thus affecting ovulation and conception. Many brides often complain about menstrual cycle disorders, which is why, because planning for the wedding often causes great pressure to newly married couples.

However, menstrual cycle disorders caused by mood and stress are usually only temporary. When mood improves or relaxes, ovulation and menstrual cycle can return to normal.


Lovers only smoke outside and don’t smoke at home. Is there a problem?

First of all, smoking will reduce the number of sperm. After men stop smoking, they can not only increase the chances of pregnancy, but also protect other family members.

A large number of studies have proved that secondhand smoke can cause serious harm to human health, leading to cancer, cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases. Secondhand smoke may also lead to sudden neonatal death syndrome, low birth weight, etc.

In addition to second-hand smoke, attention should also be paid to third-hand smoke.

Third-hand smoke refers to smoke pollutants that remain on the surfaces and dust of clothes, walls, carpets, furniture, even hair and skin after smoking. These substances can be released back into the air, and some of these compounds can react with oxides and other compounds in the environment to generate new pollutants.

The trouble is that so far, there is no way to completely eliminate third-hand smoke. Some common methods, such as ventilation, dust collection, spraying air fresheners, fumigating vinegar, cleaning ashtrays, etc., cannot completely eliminate third-hand smoke.

Therefore, for the sake of their own health and that of their families, male friends must give up smoking.