Reasonable Weaning Speak Skills, Adults and Children Hard Less

From time to time, I heard mothers communicate about weaning their babies, It was found that many mothers did not know that how weaned their babies reasonably. They mistakenly believed that weaning should be [continuous weaning is already done, and once weaning is done, it must be done]. The day before, they gave their babies several meals of breast milk, but the next day they did not give them any more. In order to wean, they let their mothers and babies be separated for several days, and even forced their babies not to eat breast milk by smearing chili and essential balm on their nipples.

Improper weaning scares the baby.

Every time I see this, I feel very uncomfortable. You know, when the baby has the nipples of the dear mother, It was supposed to be a warm and intimate feeling, How cruel it is for the baby to get a bad smell. It is strange that the baby is not frightened, and it will also refuse to eat, including other foods, due to fear, thus affecting growth and development. For weaning, the mother and child are separated, and the baby cannot even see the dearest mother. Can it not be sad? Mother and child are separated, It will make the baby insecure, Anxiety caused by not seeing her mother, Not willing to eat, Unwilling to associate with others, agitated, crying violently, poor sleep, Even get sick and lose weight. The milk is not broken, It also affects the baby’s physical and mental health, It’s sad. Mom suddenly stopped nursing, Milk swelling uncomfortable, take back milk medicine, with adhesive tape, with cloth belt bundle, please health care teacher rub… There are many ways, But distending pain is inevitable. Mother and baby suffer, Family members are affected. In fact, weaning is skillful and reasonable. All these pains can be avoided. Listen to my advice. In general, babies who are exclusively breastfed are likely to refuse to accept bottles after they are accustomed to sucking nipples. Cause weaning difficulties. The more scientific method is from the baby 2 months or so (at this time the baby is not too stubborn to resist the bottle, At the same time also accustomed to the mother’s nipple is not easy to form nipple confusion), Try to bottle your baby two or three times a week (squeeze out breast milk and bottle it), This will get the baby used to the bottle before he is not so stubborn. Understand that bottles can also be a source of food. When the baby can fully adapt to the bottle, You can choose the one with the least milk and the least breast swelling in a day. Change this breastfeeding to bottle formula milk. After a period of time when the mother’s breasts can adapt to this change, In the same way, reduce the number of times of breastfeeding again and make a natural transition step by step until the final weaning is complete. This process can be several weeks or months, depending on the condition of the child and the mother. How to achieve rapid weaning? If a rapid weaning is required for some reason, You can give your baby a bottle of formula milk after each breast-feeding meal. Drink more and drink less without forcing. Then breast-feed the meal with the least breast pain, Completely switch to bottle feeding, Every 2-3 days, There has been an increase in the number of bottle-feeding, Gradually replace the original breastfeeding. Soon, You can wean completely. Sometimes the mother may have to suddenly stop nursing completely. At this time, try not to squeeze out the milk, Because milking although can temporarily relieve distending pain, but can stimulate breast secretion more milk, so it takes longer to return milk, gradually stop secreting milk. Babies grow up gradually, weaning, is an essential part of their growth. Master scientific weaning skills, babies no longer suffer, adults and children hard less.