Regarding gynecological diseases, can you do some what for her?

Under normal circumstances, when we talk about gynecological related diseases, we all focus on women, telling women how to keep clean and how to pay attention to personal hygiene, but is gynecological diseases really just a problem for women?

The obvious answer is no, The prevention and treatment of some diseases should be treated with both sexual partners as a whole. So as men, You should do the following for your beloved partner: Pay attention to personal hygiene. Male external genitals are more likely to come into contact with the outside world. Therefore, they carry germs, so the cleaning problem of men themselves is especially important. Regular physical examination and necessary examination are very important to understand themselves and protect each other. Men often change underwear and clean underwear separately, avoiding public washing machines as much as possible. If conditions permit, bathe or clean vulva every night; Pay attention to cleaning before and after the same room; If you have multiple sexual partners, please choose to use condoms. Wash your hands frequently and brush your teeth on time. Assisting in treatment is the main and caring is the auxiliary. Chinese women usually have greater psychological pressure after suffering from gynecological diseases. At this time, the performance of the other half is of vital importance. The best performance for men is to assist in treatment and care is the auxiliary. Assisting in treatment is the main doctor’s advice for men’s various examinations, please actively cooperate. If the doctor requires the female patient to stop sharing the same room for one month, both parties need to follow the doctor’s advice, not only to exercise self-restraint, but also to stop it in time when the female expresses her wishes. If the doctor gives other doctor’s advice, such as mycotic vaginitis, which sometimes requires sexual partners to cooperate with treatment, please follow the doctor’s advice. Care is supplemented by psychological relief. If you are funny, please try to make her happy and help her divert her attention, because diverting attention is also a treatment method, such as premenstrual syndrome. If you are inarticulate, please accompany her as much as possible when she goes to see a doctor and help her in time when she needs help. When she tells you about her worries and nervousness about her illness, Listen carefully, Remember not to ignore the influence of women’s psychological feelings on the disease. Supervise the treatment process, Some diseases are just beginning to be medicated, There will be obvious improvement. Some patients will stop taking drugs because they are effective. It is not possible to insist on taking drugs on time and in quantity according to the doctor’s advice. But this is often the reason why the disease recurs or cannot be cured. Therefore, As the patient’s side of the male, need to remind her to adhere to treatment in time, reexamination on time. Develop good sexual habits usually both sides harmonious good sexual life can effectively avoid many gynecological diseases. To discuss gynecological diseases, good sexual habits refer to: use clean water to scrub vulva before and after the same room, maintain hygiene, and avoid cross infection; If there is no plan to become pregnant in the short term, choose appropriate contraceptive measures; Choose a reasonable time; Good roommates, Sufficient foreplay preparation, the same room posture that both parties can bear, the same room interest that both parties accept, These preparations can effectively avoid vulvar injury, fracture, accidental injury and other unwanted results. Do not affect normal study, life and work. After all, sex is only an ornament of life. It is not the whole of life. Therefore, my personal advice: look at this small matter of sex from the perspective of sustainable development. I also tell all female friends here that these small matters related to your health can better reflect the other half’s care, respect and love for you.