Regret medicine and Jueqing pill are all lies.

Recently, some media revealed that some businesses are selling a variety of products on the Internet, such as “regret medicine”, “Jueqing pill” and “forget water”. The labels of such products are marked with functions, indications, usage and dosage, etc. Although they are marked as “medicine”, they claim to be actually candy, and most of them do not indicate relevant information such as manufacturers.

After investigation, such products were produced without the approval of any department. Most labels are not standardized, Or mark a false manufacturer or production license number, Some are even [three noes] products, Some claim disease treatment functions, Suspected of passing off non-drugs as drugs, Such acts violate relevant laws and regulations and social public order and good customs, Misleading consumers. The food and drug regulatory authorities have ordered the relevant online trading platforms to close all online shops selling such products, and require them to strictly check, and will prohibit the sale of similar products in the future. At the same time, strengthen online inspections, find illegal acts shall be investigated and dealt with according to law, and promptly transfer suspected crimes to public security organs.

Here, remind consumers not to buy and use such products, so as not to be cheated and cause losses to health and property. If similar products are found to be sold, please immediately report to the local food and drug regulatory authorities. We will promptly carry out investigations and crack down on illegal acts.

(Source: China Food and Drug Administration)

Of course, friends with a little intelligence quotient will not believe these [drugs]. But now some products are [three noes] products. Parents need to be careful that their children buy food because of curiosity. Food should be safe to eat, and the name of [quasi] should be clearly recognized when buying drugs. These common sense may as well be popularized to children.