Share 19 Practical Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Want to have a good figure, can’t achieve overnight.

It is hard to lose weight and it is not easy to stick to it. It may be that you do not have enough skills.

Now there are many enthusiastic netizens who share their most proud care and tips after losing weight successfully, which is very inspiring. If you also want to finish the slimming plan as soon as possible, give it a try!

1. Make sofas and beds [food-free areas]

When I sit on the sofa or lie on the bed with snacks, I will grab a lot of things into my mouth and eat them completely unconsciously.

However, if you are sitting in front of the dining table and eating with tableware normally, you can clearly know how much you are eating in what and how much you have eaten. What is already full and needs to stop. In this way.

In a short period of one year, I successfully lost more than 45 kilograms.

2. Weight weighing is not the only criterion to test weight loss results.

For a long time in the past, I have been very obsessed with keeping my weight down.

However, when I no longer care about the figures on weighing scale, but pay more attention to health, how to eat scientifically, take fruits and vegetables as snacks, and take active exercise, my weight really starts to drop, and my body feels better about itself!

Step 3: Don’t look in the mirror

In my sophomore year, I couldn’t often observe body shape changes because there was no full-body mirror in the dormitory.

However, I found that I can better perceive my progress through my feelings rather than what I look in the mirror.

This was great, and it prevented me from being hit by not seeing the results for a short period of time. In retrospect, not having the opportunity to look in the mirror often played a key role in the whole weight loss process. In the end, I succeeded in losing 18 kilograms.

4. Don’t suppress your appetite and satisfy it in a healthy way.

I am not the kind of girl who can refuse pizza, bread and other foods.

Accepting your desire for food is the first step to lose weight. Then, I will find healthier ways to satisfy my appetite.

For example, making pizza without flour from mashed potatoes, which is healthy and delicious, can well satisfy my desire for pizza. Maybe this sounds incredible, but it is true!

5. Replace boring eating with fulfilling things

When I am bored, I will choose to eat snacks, but soon I find out: in fact, I am not hungry.

I just felt anxious in my spare time and wanted to find something to do. So later, I changed from eating snacks to doing manicures, which also became a pleasure.

When I choose healthy food in the store, I will reward myself for changing a new nail polish color. My favorite nail polish brand has become the best reward for me to refuse overeating.

6. Refuse to take out food and cook for yourself.

7. Avoid escalators and elevators

I take the stairs wherever I go! When I started to lose weight, I worked on the sixth floor. In order to avoid being late and sweating, I had to get up earlier than usual.

In the first eight months, I lost 18 kilograms and now I take part in several half marathons every year.

8. Go straight to the gym after class

If I save the step of going home before going to the gym, I will go directly to the gym. Because once I enter my apartment, my enthusiasm for going to the gym will instantly decrease-lying in bed and watching movies online will be a better way of entertainment.

Therefore, going directly to the gym after work helps me form a habit that I lose more than 20kg in just one year.

9. Don’t force yourself to go to the gym and do what you really like.

I no longer force myself to try to fall in love with the gym, but look for what I really like.

The results are very different! By doing my favorite sports, such as hiking, cycling, yoga, swimming, skiing, etc., I have successfully lost 16 kilograms.

Now, I am more eager to exercise, and I can’t wait to go to the next fitness stage, because there is no what that is more interesting than exercise!

10. Reject temptation and not buy unhealthy snacks.

The snacks that will appear in my house now are relatively healthy and eat in moderation, such as original yogurt, oatmeal, fresh fruits and vegetables, and various nuts.

11. Start drinking black coffee

Start drinking black coffee instead of cream and sugar or seasoned milk cover coffee, cappuccino and caramel macchiato.

12. Reject carbonated beverages

In the past, I used to drink a can of carbonated drinks every day for lunch. From once on, I did not drink carbonated drinks. In the first two weeks, I lost 4.5 kilograms! Since then, there has been no desire for carbonated drinks. Now once you drink carbonated drinks, you will find them too sweet to accept.

13. Refusal to drink alcohol

14. Be nice to yourself

Be relaxed about your thoughts and don’t be too harsh. Eating healthy food in this way will be a habit that is easier to stick to than a pressure on yourself.

15. Drink plenty of water

I realized that I was stupid and had done too badly in drinking water. So I bought several 900 ml bottles and labeled them to ensure that I drank 240 ml of water at a fixed time point. I filled the bottles and repeated them to ensure that I could drink 1,800 ml of water every day.

After I felt that I was no longer chronically short of water, the whole person obviously felt better and could finish the exercise more easily.

16. Reduce added sugars in foods

I try to control the intake of sugar and try to avoid all added sugar.

This means that candy, dessert, cakes, sweet drinks, syrup, honey, etc. cannot be eaten.

Many puffed foods also have a lot of sugar and cannot be eaten. Fresh fruit is OK. I will add the minimum amount of raisins to yogurt to satisfy my preference for sweetness.

With a small amount of exercise, he successfully lost 6 kilograms in just 40 days.

17. Don’t blindly follow the fashionable diet

I used to strictly follow a more extreme diet to lose weight, and I did lose weight at that time.

But after returning to normal diet, it quickly rebounded.

Therefore, I decided not to follow the trend and try these fashionable diet methods. Instead, I chose to eat less and more and eat non-processed foods as much as possible. The results showed that it was easier to lose weight, and I felt healthier than before, and my weight did not rebound!

18. Think of fitness as a social activity

Because a friend got a coupon for the gym, our five friends went to register together.

Originally, I just wanted to play with my friends after work, instead of staying at home alone and surfing the Internet.

As a result, we started to exercise every night. In just a few weeks, we began to notice obvious changes in our bodies. I believe every new fitness player can understand it.

A month later, I started to exercise in a gym closer to the company and consciously ate healthier. Now, four years later, I have lost 30 kilograms of fat and gained 8 kilograms of muscle.

19. Replace [I wish] with [I can]

I used to say, [I want to be like that]. Or when I see people losing 30 kilograms online, I think to myself: I hope I can do the same.

But these [I hope] will only make me more frustrated in the end. So stop fantasizing and start acting!

Replace [I hope] with [I can], set myself realistic goals and work hard to achieve them. In the past month, I have successfully lost more than 6 kilograms of weight by exercising six times a week and carefully recording my diet. I am already looking forward to changes in a year!