Silicosis is caused by workers inhaling free silica dust for a long time during their work, and is one of the most serious occupational lung diseases.

The patient’s manifestations are mainly the formation of lumps of things (nodules) in the lung, the gradual increase of fibrous tissues in the lung (diffuse hyperplasia of fibrous tissues) and other changes, resulting in dyspnea and various symptoms of the whole body.

Symptoms of silicosis

In the early stage of silicosis, patients may not feel uncomfortable, but if they are examined by X-ray chest film at this time, abnormalities can be found.

With the aggravation of silicosis, or suffering from other diseases (such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.) at the same time, more obvious symptoms will appear, such as cough, expectoration, dyspnea, chest pain, dyspnea, etc.

How to treat silicosis

Unfortunately, there is no radical cure for silicosis. Generally speaking, silicosis treatment includes:

  1. Patients need to change jobs or jobs and do not come into contact with dust again.

  2. Regular review, follow-up, pay attention to the development of their own disease;

  3. Pay attention to rest, strengthen nutrition and take appropriate physical exercise. Especially in winter and spring, special attention should be paid to the prevention of respiratory tract infections such as colds and pneumonia so as not to increase the burden on the lungs.

  4. Develop good eating habits, work and rest rules, do not drink or smoke;

  5. Actively prevent, detect and treat the disease, especially prevent the occurrence of tuberculosis.;

  6. Don’t believe in all kinds of rumors, folk remedies and all kinds of food and diet that can clear the lung.

  7. Treatment with drugs under the guidance of doctors;

  8. If necessary, surgical treatment can be performed, including lung lavage and lung transplantation.

How to prevent silicosis

Personal prevention of silicosis is mainly to strengthen occupational health care, including:

    Health examination: If one’s work needs to be exposed to dust, which may lead to silicosis, workers should have health examination before, during and after taking up their posts, so as to grasp one’s health status in time. Personal protection and hygiene: Attention should be paid to strengthening the ventilation of the working environment, People should work in the windward direction. If conditions are really limited, Can’t carry out dust treatment, should strengthen personal protection, such as wearing dust mask, and minimize the time of exposure to dust. After work should be timely change work clothes, and wash hair, and then put on their own clothes to go home. And it is best not to take their work clothes home for cleaning, so as not to bring the dust in the workplace back to home.

Where should silicosis be treated?

Silicosis is a legal occupational disease, which must be diagnosed and treated by qualified units.

All localities have silicosis diagnosis and treatment institutions approved by the state. On the websites of health and family planning committees in all localities, a list of qualified units for diagnosis and treatment of silicosis can be found.

Don’t listen to rumors and go to some black hospitals advertised for treatment, so as not to delay the illness and cheat money.