Six Accomplishments an Excellent Doctor Should Possess

The most basic element of a doctor is to have excellent professional knowledge and walk in the Jianghu. After all, it is the foundation of a foothold. With excellent professional knowledge alone, you are still difficult to get along well in this turbulent Jianghu where there are many experts and the world changes. To become an outstanding doctor, you must also master the following six elements.

Chef’s Accurate Knife Method

I come from a family of chefs and know very well the importance of knife skill to a good chef. After all, the birth of a delicious food is based on exquisite knife skill. For example, like pine nut fish, only with uniform knife skill can fish with uniform thickness be cooked at the same time under oil temperature.

Similarly, only when surgeons have accurate knife skills can they have the opportunity to take the lead alone.

Once performed an operation on cervical cancer with a gynecologic director, She skillfully cut open the pelvic cavity layer by layer, straight to take the tumor. Then quickly along the iliac internal and external blood vessels out of shape, one station at a time to clean up lymph nodes in bags. Accurate knife method comes from her full understanding of anatomical structure, and more than 20 years of clinical experience. Still in my wonder, she has closed her abdomen and stepped down.

Strong physical strength like that of migrant workers

Have you ever noticed the migrant workers who work hard in the hot summer? Their dark arms were bare, and sweat lay in a straight line in the ravines of muscle texture, converging into large drops of sweat and falling on the ground [snapping].

Surgeons need to face no less physical tests than these working friends.

When I rotated in obstetrics and gynecology, boys, as this powerful labor force, were deeply liked by female teachers, and it was essential to pull hooks on the table.

First, a laparoscope was used to remove ovarian teratoma. I just got out of the clinic trembling to hold the mirror and help the surgeon find the best view, completely ignoring his rigid body. Then there was a hysteromyoma resection retained by the uterus, lying prone on the operating table for an hour or two to support the palace. Out of the operating room, chewing and swallowing the cold food, still can’t delay, immediately back to the ward to catch medical records.

Teacher’s Strong Endurance

Teachers, as people’s soul shapers, have enough patience and love to give everything they have learned all their lives to each other. Facing all kinds of students, they also need to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, with enough patience, to find a suitable learning method for each student.

Clinically, there are many kinds of headache patients…

It seems that you know everything better than you do by searching online, and you should also be instructed to write prescriptions.

With a studious spirit, the mechanism of physiological diseases should be clearer than yours, and the type should be investigated seriously.

There is also the one who goes his own way and thinks that the medicine is three points poisonous and basically does not want to take the medicine.

In the face of these high-energy patients, we should ensure enough patience to solve them one by one and keep smiling like angels, because we are angels in white who protect human health.

Detective insight

The detective’s keen insight lies in not letting go of any details, because any details of the grass ash snake line may be the key to solving the case. China’s Di Renjie, Japan’s Conan, Britain’s Charlotte (laughter)… all seize the details that people easily ignore, and then follow through to peel them off layer by layer until the case comes to light.

A few days ago, I took care of a patient with nasopharyngeal carcinoma with rib metastasis. The rib lesion was undergoing radiotherapy. The patient suddenly had headache and vomiting. We urgently checked the MRI of the brain and found that there was also a single metastatic lesion in the brain.

However, brain metastasis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma is not common clinically, so it is suggested that patients go to surgery outside the mind to remove the focus, relieve the compression and do pathological biopsy at the same time, and finally the pathology indicates adenocarcinoma. So we applied for PET/CT again, and found a small focus on the lung tip, indicating lung adenocarcinoma.

The doctor’s keen insight comes from the integration of systematic knowledge and rich clinical experience, otherwise you will never see only trees but not forests.

Orator-like eloquence

The charm of an orator is that he can express his field of expertise and rich personal experience with full facial expression and excellent eloquence, and drive the audience to feel the same way. Therefore, excellent eloquence is actually the media, which is the bridge built by the orator and the audience to communicate smoothly.

Before, in the first class of Yanyi, there was a professor’s expressive ability in class that made all our students worship.

First of all, the textbook we use is edited by the professor himself, so his logical thinking in class is extremely clear and can lead us to grasp the key points in a targeted way.

Secondly, he combined his own clinical experience, as well as the research situation at home and abroad to quote classics, especially the interesting cases that he came up with at his fingertips, which made me especially profound. As a result, only his class was attended by more and more students in the whole hospital.

Excellent scientific research and English skills

The profession of doctor is a lifetime examination. If you are still a doctor in the affiliated hospital of a medical university, then you still need to engage in a lifetime of scientific research. A truly powerful professor, while having severe clinical ability, also needs excellent scientific research ability to spread it out.

What I want to say most here is my graduate tutor, Professor Zhang Shuxu, who is often addicted to scientific research.

At noon, our students used to ask him if he wanted to help bring lunch to the canteen. On one occasion, I knocked at the door as usual, and Teacher Zhang slowly pulled away from the computer screen. What was stuffed into me was a bank card instead of the staff card of the hospital canteen.

[Teacher Zhang, this…] [Woo Woo, sorry] Teacher Zhang touched his head and hurriedly handed me the meal card again. Apart from Teacher Zhang’s excellent scientific research strength and selfless scientific research spirit, reading English documents in ten lines at a time instantly turned our students into slag.

If you want to be an excellent doctor, you must practice quickly and cultivate these six qualities slowly. Only in this way can you become a leader in a field.