Small Doctor Travel Agency Operating Room One-day Theme Tour Leaflet

The original intention of running the delegation

In view of the recent uproar over the [doctor’s selfie] incident, The senior management of the small doctor travel agency decided to organize a one-day tour of the [operating room]. To unveil the mystery of the operating room, a [holy place] that most people have no chance and do not want to have a chance to know. At present, there are only a few places left for the trip. Tourists who wish to join the tour please make an appointment at once, The small doctor travel agency takes you to take a selfie and take you to fly. The itinerary features are divided into two parts: doctor theme and patient theme. For you to uncover the mysterious veil of the hospital’s major operating room, the travel guide commonly known as the operating room is not only a room, The operating room is a very large, multi-functional area. This tour, It will allow you to experience the whole process of doctors and patients entering and leaving the operating room successively. The main scenic spots and sightseeing items are doctor entrance, doctor reception desk, doctor changing room, patient entrance, patient reception desk, anesthesia preparation room, operation room, anesthesia awakening room, Experience the brief procedures of doctors changing clothes, washing hands and patients undergoing surgery. Schedule 1. Doctor’s Theme Tour (1) Reception Desk Operating Room Doctor Gathering at Doctor Entrance, Brush your fingerprint/swipe your card/brush your face to open the door, Arrived at the doctor’s reception, A receptionist will check your identity information, Including the name, the department, the operating room. You’ll get the locker key, Please choose a pair of slippers, Go to the shoe changing area to change. Some people once questioned the photos of online doctors who were extremely tired when they finished the operation. Ask why you wear slippers. In fact, changing slippers is the professional practice. These slippers are clean. In all evil capitalist countries, doctors do not change shoes. They have a line of high-grade disposable shoe covers of different styles and colors to choose from, but who pays for them? Of course, if you’re willing to pay, You can buy disposable shoe covers, However, if blood, urine and other unknown liquids soak your shoes and socks during the operation, This travel agency is not responsible. (2) After changing shoes in the dressing room, Let’s enter the dressing room together. Please choose the right size of hand washing clothes, masks, hats, Change all clothes except bras and underpants, Take off watches, rings and other ornaments, After the replacement, It should be shown in the following figure. On the way to a truly clean operating room, You will see nail clippers, self-contained mirrors, Please ensure personal cleanliness again. (3) Operating room personnel Next, Let’s visit the pre-arranged operating room first. In the labyrinth of operating rooms, Be sure to keep up with the guide, It is common for new employees to get lost. When you enter the surgery room, You will see that there is already a lot of work there. The patient’s condition varies according to the time you arrive and the number of operating tables. If the patient is still awake, You can say hello to him, Check his information again. But it is also possible, The patient has been anesthetized, At this time, the nurse in the operation room will complain about you. [Why did you come here]. The nurse who complained about you is generally called [itinerant nurse], She is responsible for almost everything except anesthesia and surgery. Include item preparation, patient check, item additions during surgery, But she cannot have direct contact with the objects and patients during the operation. There will also be a nurse in the operation room. It’s called “Hand Wash Nurse”, She washes her hands and goes on stage, Participate in the operation, Be responsible for the delivery of instruments during the operation. The doctor who sits next to the patient, keeps a close eye on the patient’s vital signs on the monitor, and adjusts the narcotic drugs from time to time. The anesthesiologist, Compared with [the anesthesiologist], They prefer the former title. If you confirm that the anesthesia is in place, You can turn around and walk out of the surgery room, I went to wash my hands. (4) Washing my hands means washing my hands. In fact, it is about 10 cm above the hands, forearms and elbows that are washed. In order to prevent relatively dirty arms from contaminating relatively cleaner hands, After washing and drying, it can no longer hang down. Hands and arms should always be held between the front shoulders, below the collarbone and above the abdomen. After washing hands, You need to raise your hand and apply the disinfectant, Hold it back to the surgery room. In the surgery room, You should complete the skin disinfection of the patient’s operation site and spread a circle of sterilized cloth around the operation site. (5) After the operation process returns to the operation room, You can put on a real surgical gown and gloves. During the whole dressing process, Keep your hands up, Not above the shoulders, Nor can it be lower than the abdomen. This rule is valid throughout the operation. After the operation, You can’t leave right away, But to help carry the patient. Because the patient will not wake up immediately after anesthesia is over, You’re going to get him into the anesthesia room, Patients usually wake up slowly after staying there for half an hour to two hours. At this time, You need to be with the nurse, the nurse, Take him back to the ward. Back to the surgery room, You need to complete the surgical records, Give the doctor’s advice after the operation, And asked the group members to have postoperative talks, While itinerant nurses and nursing workers will clean up the battlefield, You meet the next operation together. 2. The patient theme swims before reaching the operating room. Please take off all your clothes, including your underwear, Change the hospital gown, Assemble at the patient entrance in the operating room. Your family can accompany you here. The rest of the trip will be completed by yourself. (1) Anesthesia Preparation Room If you are not the first operation today, Then you need the final preparation before the operation in the patient waiting area or anesthesia preparation room. Wait for the operating room to be vacated. (2) When you enter the operating room, You will find that it is not just the surgeon and assistant. Tour nurses, hand wash nurses, anesthesiologists and even nursing workers will show up. They will check your identity and what’s operation with you many times. You will lie on this operating bed. Don’t think it is shabby, It is often worth hundreds of thousands or even millions. Occasionally, There will also be a little doctor to appease you, He would say [Don’t be afraid, It passed quickly, what won’t even know if you’re under anesthesia], Unfortunately, I’m afraid this will not have any comfort effect on you. (3) Anesthesia After giving you many injections and drugs, The anesthesiologist will put a mask on your face, Let you count from one to ten. You don’t have time to know what you are counting to, You will fall asleep. In the dim light, Someone will talk to you, Let you open your eyes, You found out you were still lying on the operating bed, The operation is over. (4) Awakening Usually, You have a tube in your throat, You can’t talk, And because the anesthetic is still effective, You went to sleep again. When you woke up again, You will find yourself in the anesthesia awakening room, The tube in the throat has been pulled out, The nurse, the doctor and the nurse sent you back to the ward together. Your family is waiting there. The doctor will come to talk to you and your family. To tell you if the operation went well, How did it turn out? Cost details. Five minutes of time, five minutes of patience, It is best to bring questions and queries. Please read the contents of this trip carefully before buying tickets. All comments in the trip are for reference only. If affected by national, regional, economic and other reasons, Our club will adjust the tour schedule according to the actual situation. Please understand. Important clause 1. Not all operating rooms are the same, But the basic principles are the same, This article only takes the operating room of a 3A hospital in Zhejiang Province as an example. 2. All the pictures in this article have been taken with the consent of the people present. And did privacy protection treatment. 3. The picture was taken using Nexus 5 mobile phone, Mobile phones are allowed to be brought into the operating room. The operating room will selectively answer and make phone calls, otherwise many emergencies will be delayed. 4. Photo photographer Zhu Xiaoyi is qualified to enter the operating room, abides by the principles in the operating room, and takes photos during personal rest time. 5. This article only represents Zhu Xiaoyi personally. The doubts raised during today’s photo shoot made the little doctor deeply feel the psychological blow of public opinion to the medical care.