Some common questions about acne are all in this article.

Long acne, can you wipe moisturizing cream? Is it related to sex? Does acne in different parts indicate what’s visceral diseases…

Acne has been troubled for many years and has been repeated over and over again. What’s the matter?

Ding Dang: Acne is actually a popular term. From a professional point of view, what everyone says about acne should include [acne] and [folliculitis]. The following acne refers specifically to acne.

Regarding the hot rumors of acne and the issues you are most concerned about, please welcome dermatologist Zhang Liwen to reveal the secrets one by one.

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Rumor 1: Acne Needs More Face Washing

Many people who are troubled by acne have the problem of greasy face. Do you need to wash your face more or wash your face with soap to remove oil?

Don’t, the correct way is: clean it with warm water every morning and evening, and don’t need more washing.

Relatively mild facial cleansers can be used, such as some facial cleansers containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or triclosan, etc. Avoid excessive cleaning.

Rumor 2: The skin is so oily that don’t use moisturizing cream.

Most people with acne have oily skin, so oily, does moisturizing cream not need to be wiped?

Of course not, people with acne are often accompanied by skin barrier function damage, so moisturizing is still very necessary, especially in autumn and winter.

The correct approach is to choose skin care products for acne (acne).

Many medical skin care brands have oh, remember to choose reliable brands and purchase channels.

Rumor 3: Masturbation or Sex Can Aggravate Acne

Many handsome men always say: [I only developed acne after I started masturbating] [I have had excessive sex recently and have a face of acne].

Acne usually begins at puberty, And [flying, popping] often started at this time of seed of love, The deep reason is the change of endocrine hormone level. After puberty, sebaceous glands become more sensitive to androgen, oil secretion is exuberant, prone to [propionibacterium acne] infection, after a series of changes, pores will be blocked, sebum secretion cannot be out, it becomes [acne].

Even if you don’t… no…, you can’t hide the pimples that should come.

Rumor 4: Acne in Different Parts Prompts Different Organ Diseases

If there is such magic, doctors can save a lot of things.

But in fact, the workload of my colleagues has not decreased. Acne in different parts does not have what’s special predictive function, which is not to look at each other and touch the bones.

The place where acne often occurs is nothing more than the face (especially nose and chin), chest, back and other parts with exuberant sebum secretion. In addition to the contribution of exuberant sebaceous gland secretion, Hormone endocrine level, microbial infection such as Propionibacterium acnes, abnormal keratinization of hair follicle sebaceous gland duct, genetic factors, eating habits, etc. may all lead to acne, which is not a problem with what’s corresponding organs.

If you have to say that what’s organs are sick, it is your largest organ, skin, and there is something wrong.

Rumor 5: Should acne be exposed to more sun for sterilization,

Slight sun exposure is not a threat to acne, but excessive exposure can aggravate acne. One of the unfavorable factors aggravating acne, so

The correct approach is to take necessary sun protection measures to avoid the influence of ultraviolet rays on acne.

Rumor 6: Acne is only the patent of small fresh meat,

Acne, is it just the growth of small fresh meat?

Acne is common in puberty, but it is by no means the patent of young people. It is not uncommon for people in their 30s and 40s to still have acne. We call it acne after puberty.

Let’s tear off the mask of rumors and talk about some common problems.

Question 1: Can acne be squeezed?

How many people look at acne hands itch, squeezing acne has an inexpressible pleasure.

Acne can be squeezed, but not by yourself. You can go to the dermatological department of a regular public hospital for [acne treatment]. To put it bluntly, acne can be squeezed. Improper operation by yourself will lead to secondary infection, leaving scars and regretting not having done so.

Question 2: Can I make up?

This is the topic that many people who love beauty are most concerned about. Some do not go out without makeup.

Some daily skin care products can be used again:

    Containing nicotinamide and zinc acetate is helpful for oil control. Containing ethyl lactate, plant sphingosine, nicotinamide or resveratrol is beneficial to anti-inflammatory and sterilization; Containing tretinoin, glycolic acid and lactic acid is conducive to dissolving acne and promoting drug absorption.

Choosing skin care products containing the above ingredients will get twice the result with half the effort in the treatment of acne, but cosmetics such as BB cream, foundation cream or powder cake are best used less, which may cause pore blockage, acne formation and aggravation of acne.

Question 3: How to avoid acne?

Regarding the relationship between acne and diet, there are currently research statistics that find that high sugar and high finger are unfavorable factors for acne, and milk and dairy products may also affect acne, so people with acne should appropriately limit the intake of foods such as high sugar and fat and milk. In addition, avoid excessive sun exposure, staying up late, constipation and other unfavorable factors.

Finally, Ding Dang reminds you that if you have acne, you should still go to a regular public hospital to find a professional doctor for treatment as early as possible. If the treatment is improper and scars are left, which seriously affects the face project and is not as talented as Ding Dang, should you rely on what for food?