Squinting also leads to wrinkles? Don’t want to grow wrinkles, do less of these five things

This morning, you get up to drink water in the first ray of sunshine in the morning. From the corner of your eye, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror beside you.

[Oh, old again! ]

Wrinkles can be said to be one of the most intuitive manifestations of facial changes. Head lift lines, crow’s feet lines, Sichuan character lines, eye wrinkles, legal lines, neck horizontal lines and so on are so rich that they are just like [reporting the name of a dish].

Although everyone has a love of beauty, it is easy to cause more damage to the skin by trying those unreliable [anti-wrinkle secret recipes] on the Internet in order to resist wrinkles.

If you want [anti-wrinkle], please squint less.

When you often repeat some exaggerated expressions, such actions can easily create ravines on your face, which is the predecessor of wrinkles.

The most classic of these movements is squinting.

When you squint, it is easy to deepen the wrinkles around your eyes. Wearing comfortable sunglasses can not only solve this problem, but also prevent the skin around your eyes from being exposed to the sun.

Reduce [contact] with the sun

Ding Dong’s meaning is not to let everyone stay in the house directly and not go out, but sunlight does make skin more prone to aging.

If you have something to go out, you can apply sunscreen or take a sunshade, all of which can reduce direct contact with sunlight.

Sometimes, I feel that I am as elegant as a lady when I hold an umbrella.

Quit smoking

As the saying goes (I don’t know who the saying is) [Most women who smoke are beautiful and sad, with a fragile heart hidden under their strong appearance]. However, this cannot reduce the harm of smoking itself to accelerating aging of the body, because smoking damages collagen and elastic fibers in the skin.

Smoking is refreshing for a while, and wrinkles cannot run away.

Sleep right, and sleep well

Our body has a magical hormone called corticosteroid. When you lack sleep, this hormone will accelerate secretion, destroy skin cells, thus aging the skin. But when you sleep well, the body will begin to secrete growth hormone, which makes your skin better, making your skin smooth and elastic.

In addition to sleep quality, sleeping posture may also affect the formation of [wrinkles]. The American Dermatological Association found that side sleep deepens wrinkles on cheeks and chin, while prone sleep deepens wrinkles in nasolabial groove. Only supine sleep can reduce the formation of wrinkles to a certain extent.

Well, from a certain point of view, you don’t have to struggle any more [it’s time to sleep in what’s posture today].

Facial cleaning should be moderate.

Our facial skin itself has a layer of oil with protective function. If we pursue [facial cleanness] too much, it is easy to destroy this layer of protective oil due to repeated cleaning, resulting in an increase in the incidence of wrinkles.

In addition, it is also very important to choose a bottle of lotion suitable for oneself. Lotion that can fully moisten the skin can effectively make the face much more comfortable.

Finally, I still want to tell you that wrinkles are actually very beautiful. They represent all kinds of possibilities you meet, the gift of scenery along the way of life, and those things that make people happy and worth sharing.

Therefore, whether it is skin care or wrinkle prevention or sun protection, it is just trying to catch the tail of youth, but time is fair to everyone. The difference is that you keep your warm heart at that moment.