The baby began to look thinner after six months. Is it because he did not eat enough?

In the eyes of many parents, a round face, chubby feet and lotus root-like arms and legs are standard for babies.

But suddenly one day, parents found that the baby’s weight grew slowly, his face became thinner, and his body became thinner. It was inevitable that they would begin to worry about whether the baby did not eat enough or lacked nutrition.

In fact, parents need not worry, this is a normal phenomenon in the process of baby’s growth and development.

The reason why the baby will [lose weight] is mainly due to the following three reasons:

1. Slow growth

After the baby is born, its length and weight will go through a process of rapid growth.

However, with the improvement of the baby’s exercise ability, sleep decreases, activity increases, and energy consumption also increases. After the age of 6 months, the baby’s weight growth rate will become slower than before.

In addition, as the height growth rate is faster than the weight growth rate, the baby is gradually [elongated] and appears [thinner] than before.

2. Changes in body proportions

Moreover, when we were just born, the ratio of head and body is almost 1: 1, but as the baby grows up day by day, the body length increases a lot, and the ratio of head, trunk and limbs to the body length will also change greatly. The proportion of head and trunk length gradually decreases, and the proportion of leg length gradually increases, so babies will gradually become slender.

3. Other physical changes

For babies born a few months ago, the arm circumference and leg circumference increased rapidly, and then the growth rate slowed down. At the same time, the arm length and leg length increased rapidly-so the baby’s arms and legs looked strong at first and then gradually became slender.

When the baby was a child, the cheek on both sides of the face has a raised fat pad (conducive to sucking milk), which makes the baby’s face look fleshy, and it is also with the growth of age, the baby’s demand for sucking milk decreases, and the two fat pads will gradually become smaller and shrink. As a result, the baby’s lovely baby fat gradually disappears, and the baby also grows up.

Therefore, as long as the growth curve of the baby’s height and weight is normal, parents don’t have to worry. The baby looks thinner, not because the baby didn’t eat enough, nor is it because the baby lacks nutrition, but a sign of the baby’s growth, but don’t give the baby more food because the baby looks thinner, so it’s not good to really feed out a small fat mound.