The baby cries and is always hungry? It may be [a fierce period of time]

A while ago, a reader came to ask Dr. Clove:

The baby is 3 months old, and it is very difficult to form the rule of feeding and sleeping. Unexpectedly, these two days suddenly became a goblin who grinds people. Crying incessantly all day long, eating and sleeping, and not getting sick. The whole family is going to suffer from neurasthenia.

If parents find out that their babies are the same, don’t worry too much, this may be good news!

Crying all day? May be good news

It turns out that the situation of the baby at the beginning may have reached [a fierce period of time].

The fierce long-term period is a period when the baby’s height and weight grow rapidly. When it comes to the fierce long-term period, the baby [eats more, grows faster, and often cries], which is a normal phenomenon in the growth and development of the baby.

Although there is no strict medical definition for a long time, people can find such a rule in long-term observation and experience:

In the first year of the baby’s birth, there will be five violent periods, probably in the 2nd to 3rd weeks, 4th to 6th weeks, 3rd months, 6th months and 9th months.

Each time it lasts for about 4-5 days or even longer, after which the baby will gradually return to the normal eating and sleeping mode.

My baby has been making a lot of noise recently. Has it been a long time?

To judge whether the baby is crying for a long time, you can compare the following points:

STEP 1 Be prone to hunger

Babies will keep asking for milk, and babies who have already added supplementary foods will also ask for more food. They are either hungry as soon as they finish eating, or they will ask to continue eating after eating the usual amount.

2. Sleep pattern changes

Some babies could have slept all the time, but suddenly they began to wake up at night or woke up early to ask for food. Some babies sleep longer before and after a long period of time.

3. Crying and irritability

Long-term babies always do not eat enough, sleep enough, and become irritable. Babies will express their discomfort by crying, while older children are prone to become irritable.

Doctor clove should emphasize that parents must first make clear the cause of the baby’s crying. Don’t be careless and regard the baby’s sick and uncomfortable crying as fierce for a long time.

In the face of the baby’s fierce long-term, parents should do so.

If you are sure that your baby is in a fierce period, parents can relax. In addition, try Dr. Clove’s four suggestions to help your baby and parents get through the fierce period smoothly.

Step 1 Feed more

During this period, the baby’s appetite has increased and his parents need to feed him more.

For breast-fed babies, we should stick to breast-feeding and increase the number of times of breast-feeding.

Some people, seeing that breast-fed babies have been clamoring for milk, may think that Baoma has insufficient milk and no nutrition, urging Baoma to wean or add milk powder.

However, it is normal for babies who are in a fierce and long-term period to be prone to hunger. What Baoma needs to do is to meet the baby’s frequent sucking needs and feed the baby more.

On the one hand, letting the baby suck the nipple more is a good way to promote the mother to produce more milk. On the other hand, the baby lies in the mother’s arms to drink milk and has intimate contact with the mother’s breast, which can play a soothing role.

For babies fed with milk powder, this period of time can try to increase the amount of milk each time.

For babies who have already added solid food, they can give them a proper amount of extra food.

Step 2 Sleep

During this period, many babies have increased their sleep needs. If they are babies who have been able to sleep well, they can try their best to let the children sleep enough without forcing them to get up.

3. Hold more and appease more

Bao’s parents don’t have to worry about holding and comforting the baby more. The baby in this period is also [not easy]. They need timely and loving responses from their parents to help him through this period.

In the fierce long period of 4 ~ 5 days or even longer, timely response and comfort will feel better for the baby and parents.

Step 4 Take care of yourself

Only by taking good care of yourself can you have the capital to take care of your baby. Ensure a balanced diet and adequate sleep. When your baby sleeps, seize the opportunity to take a nap and have a rest.

Doctor Clove knocked on a blackboard. Parents had better not brush their cell phones and play games against time when their children are asleep. Otherwise, when the baby wakes up, more tired parents will not have the energy to deal with a newly fully charged and grumpy baby.