The baby lost his temper in public. What should I do with Xiong Haizi?

Many parents have encountered children losing their temper in public.

Either the children must buy toys in the supermarket, or they don’t want to go home for dinner because they have a high time in the community. The light ones cry and quarrel, the heavy ones roll and even become hysterical, which upsets the parents who are already working hard and busy with housework and feels humiliated and lost home.

At this time, many parents will even be unable to control their emotions, scolding their children, corporal punishment and even fists and fists.

It is natural for children to cry in public.

Young children have not yet learned to analyze rationally. When special circumstances occur, crying is just because they cannot accept some facts. It is also natural to lose their temper regardless of the occasion. Moreover, in public, all children’s emotions will be magnified, which is also the characteristic of children.

In fact, we should accept the fact that for young children, their demands are reasonable at some time, including they release their bad emotions through noise.

The following situations may lead to sudden emotional changes in children. Parents should pay special attention to them:

    There were many strangers: Festivals, family parties, There will certainly be a lot of people coming and going in the family, For children, Suddenly there are many strangers who will cause their discomfort. The environment and activities suddenly change: For example, children leave home and go to kindergarten, Or suddenly stop playing, when your parents ask you to eat or go to bed. Your favorite activities are over: you have to leave the park, or be separated from your friends, or you can’t be with your parents. The requirements are not met: you want candy, ice cream, and new toys in the store, but adults ignore their feelings and ignore them.

For children at this stage, there is usually no reason to like one thing and do one thing. When they cannot be satisfied, slight stimulation may make their emotions attack.

At this time, children need patience and help, otherwise it is difficult for them to get out of this emotion. Therefore, when children cry in public, what parents need to do is to adjust their mentality, stand on the child’s position, and give them reasonable psychological support.

Dealing with Crying Babies, Parents [Five Don’t]

STEP 1 Don’t get angry

You can’t unconsciously raise your voice and threaten your child just because your child’s anger in public embarrasses you. Children will feel your anger and their emotions will escalate further, causing the situation to get worse.

If you punish your child in public, the child may hold back his grievance and anger in his heart, which is very unfavorable to their growth.

2. Don’t reason with your child

When children lose their temper, the most important thing is to ensure that they do not do anything to hurt themselves.

Don’t reason with them. At this time, children’s emotions fluctuate greatly. Maybe they won’t listen to you when you say what.

3. Stand firm and don’t compromise easily.

Keep your position in front of your children.

For example, if you don’t take your child in when you pass by a candy store and he loses his temper and cries at you, don’t take him to comfort him, so he will solve the same problem by crying next time.

Firmly tell him that crying all the time cannot solve the problem. If crying all the time, take him out of the candy store completely, and the children will understand that the consequence of doing so again is what.

Step 4 Don’t listen to accusations

Parents need to understand that as parents, we have the responsibility and obligation to treat our children well.

If children are criticized by other adults for losing their temper, we must, as always, give children the respect they deserve instead of just accusing them.

5. Don’t give different treatment just because the environment is different.

Don’t let external factors affect your child. If the child realizes that different environments and different people will affect your attitude towards him, the child will show inconsistencies in different environments and will use these to achieve his own goals.

Five Tips to Stop Babies Crying

STEP 1 Be prepared in advance

It is not easy for children to control their emotions when they are hungry and sleepy.

If you want to take your child shopping or traveling for a long time, make sure he eats well and sleeps well, which can greatly reduce their chances of losing their temper.

Step 2 Keep in touch on the way

Communicate with your children before going out and tell them where they will go today, what they will do and what they need to do what.

When you are outside, don’t forget to communicate with your children in words and eyes at all times. When you are aware that your children are under too much pressure, you can channel them in time. You can use some methods to amuse them and don’t let them feel that they are not valued.

STEP 3 Learn to Listen

When children lose their temper in public, sometimes it is only a way to release their emotions. When children cry loudly in public, stop and listen carefully to their demands to understand that they really want what.

No matter in the market, railway station or airport, we should listen carefully to the children’s thoughts in the noisy environment, which will also help them calm down as soon as possible.

4. Persist gently and don’t be impatient.

Try to crouch down and look into his eyes and tell him seriously that this cannot be done today. But be gentle and don’t take impatience and angry tone.

Step 5 Be patient

Sometimes children just need to vent their emotions, and after they cry, the bad emotions will disappear. At this time, parents’ patient company can help them return to their normal good state.

For example, if putting them in children’s seats causes their dissatisfaction, then don’t fasten your seat belt in a hurry until they vent their emotions.


    A child’s temper does not mean that the parents have failed.

    When your child has an emotional attack, some people may suggest that you take some punitive measures, but at this time you should keep calm, instead of being more violent than your child, even yelling at him and beating him. At this time, as a parent, you must control your emotions.

    When children grow up slowly, they will learn to express their emotions in better ways.