The Century Legend of Aspirin (3)

Before the above < < Aspirin is a thoughtful [good] drug > >

The sword has two edges

While people marvel at the various effects of aspirin, it should also be noted that many researchers have said: [But it is a double-edged sword.]

As we already know, Aspirin plays an antipyretic and analgesic role because it can inhibit the production of prostaglandins. Her role in protecting the heart is also related to this. Because certain types of prostaglandins can bond particles in the blood to each other, Thrombosis occurs. If this thrombosis occurs in the heart, then myocardial infarction will occur. Aspirin can reduce the chance of thrombosis by inhibiting the production of prostaglandins, thus playing its corresponding protective role.

However, aspirin can reduce cardiovascular events and avoid infarction. At the same time, It can also cause the risk of bleeding. Therefore, in hospitals, aspirin and other drugs are strictly required to be stopped for more than a week before any operation. The lesser of the two evils, when preventive aspirin is used, if various risks even outweigh the potential benefits, then they are not suitable for taking aspirin.

For example, we mentioned earlier that in the time of Felix Hoffman, people believed that salicylic acid stimulated gastric mucosa because it was an acidic substance. In fact, the main reason is that some endogenous prostaglandins have protective effect on gastric mucosa, The core function of aspirin is to inhibit prostaglandin synthesis. This will naturally lead to damage to the defense function of the gastric mucosa. If the patient already has gastric ulcer and takes aspirin in a muddle-headed way, it is really a leak in the house, rain at night and break the ship but encounter the first wind-unlucky, because the ulcer of the digestive system combined with bleeding or perforation will have fatal consequences.

In addition to the two common side effects of gastrointestinal tract reaction and coagulation disorder, Aspirin-induced allergic reactions can even be fatal when severe. This was mentioned in an episode of the popular TV series “Latency” some time ago. Yu Zecheng mixed a large amount of aspirin into the wine to induce the opponent to drink it, resulting in asthma attacks. The principle is also related to aspirin inhibiting prostaglandin biosynthesis. Because the obstruction of prostaglandin synthesis leads to the increase of other harmful metabolites, These products can cause bronchial contraction and spasm and induce asthma-called aspirin asthma. If routine treatment fails, I wonder how Yu Zecheng has mastered the dosage that can hospitalize his opponent without killing him. Therefore, aspirin should also be banned in patients with asthma, nasal polyps and chronic urticaria.

Author: Li Morning