The chest size is not the same? What methods can be adjusted?

As a breast doctor, there is a question that is often asked in the outpatient department:

Doctor, my two breasts are not the same size. Is there what problem?

It is not bad to be able to ask the doctor. What is terrible is that some people may search on the Internet and find that one of the symptoms of breast cancer is impressively written: [Bilateral breast sizes are not consistent.] So they wish to use vernier calipers to check the size of bilateral breasts, thus speculating on the possibility of breast cancer.

Is it a disease that the chest size is inconsistent?

1. Congenital factors Asymmetric puberty development

Girls may have asymmetry in bilateral breast development since puberty.

Human genes are not precise enough to make bilateral breasts develop at exactly the same level.

Just as we will find that the left and right feet are asymmetrical and the left and right side faces are not completely symmetrical.

Therefore, breast asymmetry, which occurs from the development period of breast, cannot be called a disease, at most it can only be said to be an imperfection. There is no need to worry too much.

2. Acquired factors

After completing puberty breast development, the size and shape of our breast are basically fixed, but there are still some factors that will affect bilateral symmetry.

Breastfeeding: Some people prefer to breastfeed on one side of the breast during lactation, while the other side is excessively enlarged or not fed at all. Some of them will have breast size differences after lactation.

Habits of using hands: People are used to using hands differently. Some people use the right upper limb, carrying objects or exercising, resulting in the right pectoralis major muscle being more developed and thicker than the left. From the appearance point of view, we will think that the right breast is obviously larger than the left.

In fact, this difference in size is caused by different thicknesses of muscles.

3. Disparities related to diseases

    Lobular hyperplasia

This is the most common benign disease that leads to inconsistent breast sizes.

Lobular hyperplasia is the thickening of breast glands relative to normal conditions, and different degrees of bilateral breast hyperplasia may completely lead to differences in appearance and size.

We often find that the larger side of the chest is more prone to pain and discomfort, because this large chest is caused by severe gland hyperplasia.

    Other breast diseases

If there is a giant fibroadenoma or cyst in the breast, or even breast cancer, it may also cause bilateral breast sizes to be inconsistent.


If the breast has been traumatized, such as severe impact, causing hematoma inside the breast, it will also cause size changes.

Therefore, breast size changes caused by breast cancer only account for a small part of all causes.

Moreover, with the improvement of breast screening awareness and medical technology, it is less and less common for breast cancer to cause its appearance to become larger.

After all, if you can see the size change from the appearance, you will have found the problem in breast hand examination or imaging examination long ago.

What should I do if I find asymmetry?

1. First relax your mood and take an active physical examination.

Most people have different breast sizes, and the asymmetry of breast size caused by real breast cancer accounts for a small part.

If this asymmetry exists for a long time, it is basically a benign disease or related to development.

However, if the appearance and size of the rapid appearance are inconsistent in a short period of time, attention should be paid to it. Go to a regular hospital for breast clinical physical examination and corresponding imaging examination to immediately know the reason. It is simple and easy to implement and is helpful to health.

2. Adjust your sleeping posture?

Some people think that leaning to one side during sleep is also an important reason for breast size inconsistency. They say that poor blood reflux on the compression side leads to poor breast development on this side. However, it is important to know that people actually turn over more times during the whole sleep than we think.

The poor blood supply caused by this oppression is even more nonsense. Why is it breast?

If this theory holds, will our arms or hips on the oppressive side be smaller than those on the other side?

A plump girl can achieve the effect of breast reduction as long as she sleeps on her stomach?

Step 3: Exercise

If the degree of development of pectoralis major muscle causes chest inconsistency, try to exercise the other side more. However, don’t expect to enlarge your chest through push-ups.

4. Proper breast-feeding posture and alternate breast-feeding

Many mothers feel that one side will feed one side of the breast all the time if it is convenient. In fact, the adjustment of breast-feeding posture can make the mother’s comfortable both sides of the breast normally breast-feeding with various auxiliary methods, so that we can minimize the influence of breast-feeding on the appearance and size of the breast.

5. Massage?

It is the most unreliable thing.

Is the big side massaged smaller or the small side massaged larger?

This is a problem. I think most people will want to adjust the small side to become larger, but we have repeatedly stressed that breast enlargement or breast dredging programs in any beauty salon are ineffective and may be harmful. Please don’t believe this beautiful lie easily.

Step 6 Adjust your underwear

This is one of the effective ways to quickly reach the appearance balance size. However, by all means, this change is only a physical adjustment of appearance and has no therapeutic effect.

No what Magic Underwear can completely polish breast into the same size.

In short, there are many reasons for breast size inconsistency, which is normal in most cases and does not require any intervention measures. People who relax, actively check, accept their imperfection, healthy mood and self-confidence are more beautiful.