The child sprained his ankle, how to do?

What if the child’s foot twists?

Step 1 Stop walking

After the child [sprained his foot], the child should be allowed to stop his current exercise or walking. Continuing to exercise or walk after spraining may aggravate the injury.

2. Ice (cold) sprained area

Within 48 hours after the sprain, cold water towel, ice mineral water or ice bag can be used to cold compress the sprained position.

Cold compress can relieve inflammation and swelling caused by sprain, and it can also relieve pain.

Suggestions on the number of ice compressions: the first 24 hours, once per hour, once for 20 minutes; 24 ~ 48 hours, 3 ~ 4 times/day, 1 time for 20 minutes.

3. Go to the hospital to eliminate the possibility of fracture, etc.

Sprain can be light or heavy.

When the sprain is not serious, rest, cold compress, etc.

However, serious sprain may lead to fracture and need to be treated by doctors. Self-treatment may lead to poor fracture healing and affect ankle motor function.

In case of any of the following circumstances, you should take your child to see an orthopaedic doctor in time:

    I can’t move at all, and it hurts especially when I move. The pain did not improve after ice application and rest. The injured part turned purple blue, numb, unconscious or tingling.

Step 4: Bandage with elastic bandages

After confirming that there is no serious condition such as fracture, elastic bandage can be used to bandage and fix the sprained part under the doctor’s advice to reduce swelling.

Step 5 Raise the injured area as high as possible

After confirming that there is no serious condition such as fracture, when the child rests or sleeps, a pillow can be placed at the foot to raise the injured ankle, reduce congestion and swelling.

Parents’ Common Mistakes about Ankle Sprain

1. Hot compress immediately after sprain

Hot compress immediately after sprain will aggravate local congestion and aggravate swelling symptoms.

It is recommended to apply cold (ice) instead of hot compress within 48 hours after sprain.

2. Sprain is a trivial matter, don’t go to the hospital

Severe sprain may lead to ligament tear, fracture, etc. These situations need to be handled by doctors, so if the situation is serious, don’t delay.

How to prevent ankle sprain?

  1. Choose a pair of shoes that fit your child.

  2. Before doing a good job in sports protection, guide children to do warm-up exercises and wear protective equipment.