The child was scalded, what should I do?

What should I do?

Once more serious burns occur, they should be sent to a hospital for regular diagnosis and treatment, but pre-hospital treatment is also very important.

STEP 1 Shoot

Rinse the scalded part with clean flowing cold water for about 30 minutes. The water flow should not be too fast. The flowing cold water can quickly take away local heat and reduce further thermal damage.

Step 2: Take off

In cold water, remove the clothes covering the wound surface, and be careful not to peel them off by force. When necessary, carefully cut the clothes with scissors to avoid breaking blisters.

Step 3: Bubble

Soak the scalded part in cold water for 10 ~ 30 minutes, which can relieve the pain and further radiate heat. If the baby is still relatively small and the scalded area is relatively large, attention should be paid to the baby’s body temperature.

Step 4: Cover

After the above treatment, cover the wound with clean or sterile gauze and towel and fix it, which can keep the wound clean and reduce infection.

5. Send

Finally, the baby needs to be sent to a regular hospital that can treat burns for treatment.

Common Mistakes

1. Forcibly tear off the clothes stuck to the skin.

2. Use ice cubes to directly cool the wound.

3. Pick through blisters with needles or nails.

4. Disinfect wounds with mercurochrome, alcohol, etc.

5. Apply various folk remedies to wounds, such as soy sauce, toothpaste, salt, flour, various oils, etc.

How to prevent it?

1. For bath water, drinking water, soaked milk powder, etc., parents should make sure that the water temperature has been adjusted before allowing the baby to contact, and avoid the baby staying alone in places with hot water.

2. When incandescent lamps are turned on, the temperature is very high. It is recommended to choose energy-saving lamps with low temperature. Electric toys need to check circuits and batteries. Unqualified products may overheat locally during use. Do not buy them.

3. The cooked hot dishes and hot water cups should not be placed on the edge of the table or hearth to prevent the baby from scratching and turning over.

4. Warm in winter, Do not directly contact the hot water bag with the baby’s skin, Wrap with towel, the temperature should not be too high, and tighten to prevent water leakage. Try to avoid using [warm baby] and other heating products for your baby. Low temperature and long-term contact with your baby’s immature skin will also cause scalding results. When using electric blankets, electric heaters and other heating equipment, you also need to do a good job of protection.

5. At the same time of environmental prevention, we should also strengthen the education of our babies and educate them not to touch dangerous articles at will, so as to achieve better prevention. For older children, some simple fire safety education can be carried out.