The former Olympic champion was so fat! It is all caused by these three reasons,

The 2016 Rio Olympics, nicknamed the worst Olympics in history, are the most concerned. Apart from China’s favorite events, they must be those that wear little clothes, right?

The beautiful bodies in Europe and the United States that cannot be seen or called by all names will not be mentioned much. Let’s take a look at our Chinese team.

However, I have a worry: I don’t know how long these fresh meat carcasses will last.

You see, after the London Olympics,

Also, if you push it back again:

In fact, there are still many, many, many, many people who can’t count them.

In those days, these gold medalists who stood at the top of the world and brought their own halo all over their bodies were like under a magic spell. Fat! Yes!

Why do athletes tend to get fat

1. Stop sports immediately after the match

For most athletes, the amount of exercise they train before the competition is quite large. The consumption of thousands of kilocalories per day is trivial.

At the end of a tense and intense large-scale competition, especially if you achieve excellent results, you will naturally choose to relax for a period of time.

Most athletes may retire directly when their condition cannot recover from the past, or due to injuries.

The development of competitive sports is sometimes a bit abnormal, a bit too result-oriented, competition result-oriented. Let’s make a bold personal guess. The psychology of many professional athletes may be like this:

After so many years of training, I am too bitter and tired…

Doing sports does not seem to be my real interest and hobby… … …

It is just my skills, strengths, majors, occupations…

2. Do not control your diet after the match

The exercise suddenly disappeared, and the appetite and appetite of athletes are still there.

Most events that require weight, such as gymnastics, if the weight is not ideal, athletes will need to strictly limit the low-calorie diet before the competition.

However, after the competition, after a long diet, it is very easy to overeat and eat emotionally when you suddenly relax.

Team doctors don’t care. Nutritionists don’t care. Coaches don’t care. I don’t care.

3. Adolescent growth characteristics

Athletes in most events have achieved brilliant results during puberty, especially gymnastics.

During the growth and development stage of the body, obvious changes in eating and exercise habits have accelerated the speed of weight increase.

But then again, there are still some Olympic athletes who have actually maintained quite well.

Join variety show with husband to promote the Olympics,

I remember Liu Xuan said in many programs that he was usually very sensitive to weight and attached great importance to management.

Wang Liqin also said in an interview: I will not make myself fat.

In front of weight, and of course in front of health, whether you are a world champion or a common people, the important thing is: to be common and keep it.

Balanced eating habits and regular exercise habits are part of our life.

Not to lose weight for the sake of losing weight, but to exercise self-discipline for the sake of figure.

One more thing, either be a person who does not exercise all his life and be happy. Or remember:

Once you start exercising, don’t think about stopping.