The last one is especially important.

There are many activities during the Spring Festival. If you are not careful, there will be minor problems. What should you do when you encounter these things?

Let’s look at [Spring Festival Essential Strategy]

1. What if you get oral ulcer?

Spring Festival is inevitable to stutter meat, drink in large bowls and overeat, but oral ulcer annoys people. What can we do?

You can use relatively safe cedi iodine and stick the tablets directly on the ulcer.

However, if there is an unusual ulcer or there is still no trend of relief after taking drugs for many days, please see a doctor as soon as possible.

2. What if your hand is accidentally scalded by a hot pan?

Rinse immediately with a large amount of tap water for 30 minutes until the pain is significantly relieved. If wearing the ring, please take it off and cover the wound with sterile gauze to keep it clean and protect skin blisters without further treatment.

However, if the pain on the trauma surface intensifies, swells or exudes, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

3. What if you can’t walk when you twist your ankle or wear high heels?

Stop walking; Cold compress; Conditional elastic bandage is used to wrap the injured ankle joint, and appropriate pressure is applied to reduce swelling. Raise the position of the foot above the heart.

4. What if the baby has diaper rash?

There is no obvious redness and swelling, no medicine can be used, but the local skin should be kept clean and dry.

You can also apply a layer of baby hip cream or olive oil on the skin after cleaning to reduce the adverse irritation of the outside world to the skin.

In serious cases, you should see a doctor in time and take drugs under the guidance of a doctor.

5. How to deal with ear discomfort, earplugs and pain when flying?

Take a breath first, then hold your nose, bulge your cheeks, close your mouth and exhale through your pinched nostrils.

In this way, the eustachian tube can be burst open, and earplug symptoms can be improved instantly.

6. What about carsickness?

Don’t be hungry or eat too much before taking the bus. Select the seat in the middle of the car; Look at the direction of the car and do not read in the car. You can wear headphones to listen to music and distract your attention.

In addition, you can also take carsickness medicine before taking the bus.

7. What if you have nosebleeds?

    Press the nose alar or plug the cotton ball and lower your head. Apply with a cold towel.

Bow your head, you must not look up to prevent blood from entering your mouth and being swallowed. Gently press the nasal alar, or fill the nasal cavity with cotton balls for a few minutes to stop bleeding. Applying cold water belt or wet towel to forehead and back neck can promote vasoconstriction and reduce bleeding.

If there is more bleeding and continuous dripping, you need to go to the hospital immediately.

8. What if the fish bone gets stuck in the throat?

1. Try to cough hard when the fish bone is not big.

Most of the time, small fish bones will fall off with the air flow.

2. When the fish bone is very big and hard, seek medical treatment immediately.

If the fish bone is very big and hard, the tingling pain is severe, or the neck and chest tingling pain is obvious, it is recommended to seek medical treatment immediately.

STEP 3 Don’t swallow rice

Do not swallow the fish bones with rice ball steamed bread, because it will push the shallow thorns deeper.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Qing