The nipple is injured, can you continue to breast-feed the baby?

Nipple injury is one of the pains many breast-fed mothers have to endure.

On one side is the small mouth waiting to be fed, on the other side is the mother’s blood and tears. Every breast-feeding requires great courage and endurance. So, can you still breast-feed after the nipple is injured? How to save the baby granary everywhere?

This topic will answer your questions and make breast-feeding relaxed.

How to judge nipple injury?

There are very rich nerve tissues on the nipple, which can transmit pain to the mother very quickly when encountering injury.

Normally, As long as the mother’s breast-feeding posture is correct, When the baby holds milk, he can contain most of the areola in his mouth. When breast-feeding, the mother will not feel the pain. If the mother feels the pain during breast-feeding, she must not be careless. She needs to carefully check the nipple and areola in the environment with sufficient light at the first time to see if she has been damaged by the baby so as to deal with it in time.

Two common types of nipple injuries

1. Blood bubbles appear on nipples

It is more common in novice mothers for no more than two reasons: