The things about the kiss marks

Throughout the post-student era, we were very keen to play with kiss marks.

Kiss marks! A quiet dark red mark, lying on the neck, or leaning out a little corner from the collar of the shirt, implied the passion of the day before yesterday without saying a word.

This is simply too good to arouse the gossip heart of the bad friends around you. How can one not torture such a thing?

What is more terrible than being ridiculed by bad friends is being interrogated by parents! In order to avoid suspicion, we think hard about excuses, the most common of which is: [This is mosquito bite! ]

Who believes it was bitten by mosquitoes… … …

Later, when I grew up, I happened to be a dermatologist and read countless skins over the years. Looking back on this excuse in those days, it was simply embarrassing:

    After mosquito bites, papules and wind balls bulge on the skin surface. Kiss marks are flat subcutaneous ecchymosis.
    The red of mosquito bag is fresh pink and tender, and the red of kiss mark is dark overnight.

It’s not similar at all, okay? !

In fact, the masses have already seen through everything, okay? !

What can’t escape the doctor’s eyes with excuses.

So far, I have not found that what’s rash looks exactly like a kiss mark after reading countless skins. Not only is it different from the consequences of mosquito bites, even if it is also a subcutaneous ecchymosis, no one will look like a kiss mark.

    Purpura: All kinds of purpura are often frequent, and imitation with your mouth can make your mouth numb. Cupping: Most of the ecchymosis caused is on your back, and who can grow such a big mouth? Electrocardiogram examination: This can leave round erythema of the same size, but your heart is long on your neck?

Therefore, kiss marks are almost undeniable.

Are kiss marks harmful to health?

For healthy people, kiss marks are not very harmful.

There are many capillaries under our skin. The capillary wall is very fragile. The thinner the skin (such as neck and chest), the easier it is to rupture capillaries after long-term sucking.

When blood exudes to subcutaneous tissue, it will coagulate into subcutaneous congestion. The exudated red blood cells will rupture, and the hemosiderin wrapped inside will also exudate to the subcutaneous skin, turning the local skin yellow. Therefore, the color of the kiss mark changes from red to yellow.

Ruptured capillaries will be quickly repaired, and subcutaneous congestion will be slowly cleaned and absorbed. It takes about 7-10 days for the kiss mark to disappear completely, of which the first 5 days are mainly red cells and the second 2-5 days are mainly yellow hemosiderin.

Good, good, I understand the truth! But the problem is…

How can we make the kiss mark disappear quickly?

Have some vitamin C.

The effects of vitamin C are:

    Make blood vessels more elastic, enhance capillary resistance, promote wound healing and tissue repair, and promote absorption of hemosiderin.

Vitamin C is a relatively safe vitamin, and it is no harm for ordinary people to take it occasionally (no more than 600 mg/day). This tactic is also applicable to people whose knees are often bruised.

However, for a wound with such a small kiss mark, there is no obvious difference in the speed of recovery between eating and not eating.

If you want it to be invisible immediately and not exposed for a minute, then you…

Buy a foundation to apply.

Why do you have to leave a kiss mark on me?

Have you ever wondered why your lover had to leave such an embarrassing mark for you?

I once loved a teenager deeply, but he always missed the past.

I tried my best to treat him well, but his eyes were always wandering and thoughtful. I expected him to see me, recognize me and take me to meet his friends, but he wavered so much that I also hesitated. Finally one day I sucked hard on his neck as if I had put all my eggs in one basket.

Where did you come from being so affectionate? In fact, you are deliberately trying to put a flag on your lover: [This person has a master].

If you feel that the kiss mark has brought you a lot of troubles, don’t just think about how to eliminate this ecchymosis, talk to your lover, maybe the other person won’t feel your love for a long time.