The usual tricks of men’s hospitals to cheat people.

Search the Internet for the key words [sexually transmitted diseases] [prostatitis] [impotence and premature ejaculation]. There are a lot of advertisements in men’s hospitals. Even I, an expert, find it very difficult to find reliable hospitals from them.

Why is it that those who spend money on rankings are unreliable? Revolutionary Lenin said very well that the dealer who shouted the loudest and swore the strongest in the market was the one who wanted to sell the worst goods.

Like men’s hospitals scattered all over China, they sell services similar to scams.

You may think I have exaggerated the facts, so let’s tell a story first.

The Impossible Liar Hospital

Liu is a car friend I used to know at the car club. He has a fortune of tens of millions and has a big fat head. He is a conical three-dimensional fool. He looks like his relative Liu Huan. He can’t find his neck all the time. His head is screwed up by a circle of meat screws.

Knowing that I was a urologist, he told his grievances: God is unfair, Lao Zi has a successful career, his cock is short and often goes wrong.

In the hearts of most men, short penis is the same as short body, and they are most afraid of being laughed at.

I checked his cock, which was not too small, slightly lower than the average level of the Chinese, but the length of erection was completely competent for sex, that is, the foreskin was too long and he was repeatedly infected with mycotic dermatitis.

Every time mycotic dermatitis strikes, he smears it with Dakening cream, and the effect is mixed. He asks me if there are any better treatment measures besides circumcision.

I told him sincerely that mold was dead by sight, and circumcision was really done. Not only was mycotic dermatitis cured, but the cock also looked bigger.

He continued to ask me: Did you lengthen the penis while circumcising it?

I spread out my hand: no.

Why not?

To achieve the purpose of penis lengthening, It is necessary to remove the shallow and deep suspended ligaments of the penis, which are the lifeblood of the support. After cutting off, the penis buried in the perineum is dragged out. It looks long, but it is not really prolonged. The penis that has lost its support during erection cannot be tilted up, drooping like a loofah, and it has to be held to the target during sex. The experience is worse than before the operation.

Liu was skeptical of my explanation. He was tempted by the hype in the newspaper. He secretly went to a men’s hospital behind my back.

A week later, he came to the hospital to find me: if he had been cheated, it cost 48,000 yuan in just seven days.

I checked his fee invoice, which contained various advanced patterns [micro-carving embroidered circumcision] [European foreskin beauty] [penis lengthening] [dorsal penis nerve amputation] [light ion and infrared care] and intravenous infusion of various nutritional drugs. I was dazzled.

I was so angry that I wanted to slap him a few times: Why don’t you believe me who has worked in a 3A hospital for 20 years? Do you have to believe in cheats?

Only then did he know that he read it from a well-known newspaper, and of course he believed it.

I angrily posted a microblog criticizing the newspaper: If you were no longer so cheap, cheats would not be so rampant; If you point your face a little, the world will become a beautiful world.

A few days later, the editor in charge of medical reports of the newspaper found me. He apologized for the behavior of the Advertising Department. The newspaper leaders attached great importance to it and made up their minds to rectify the medical advertisements.

Later, I found sadly that they had not improved at all.

The search website is unreliable and the newspaper is not good, so we have to rely on ourselves. Now I will have a good talk with you about the means of collecting money in men’s hospitals. Please keep your eyes open and don’t fall for it. It hurts your money and your body.

Means of Accumulating Money: Venereal Diseases

Mainly includes gonorrhea, non-gonorrhea, condyloma acuminatum, genital herpes, syphilis, etc.

Warning: Basically, regardless of the type of infection, men’s hospitals usually adopt the method of intravenous drip of large doses of antibiotics and long-term injection of immunopotentiators, often in the thousands to tens of thousands. However, it only costs tens to hundreds of yuan to go to regular hospitals (except for serious cases).

There is no cure for genital herpes. For syphilis, the most sensitive antibiotic is penicillin, and treatment must be standardized, otherwise adverse reactions will be fatal.

Non-standard treatment is better than no treatment. I have seen a syphilis patient who died of Jihai reaction after infusion of large dose ceftriaxone sodium in a male hospital. These are all bitter lessons.

Means of Accumulating Money 2: Prostatitis

Warning:Chronic prostatitis is a disease severely enlarged and over-treated by men’s hospitals. Any doctor who issues infusion prescriptions and recommends physical therapy for chronic prostatitis is a cheater who kills people without discussion.

The third way to accumulate wealth is circumcision and penis lengthening.

Warning: Micro-carving embroidered circumcision, European-style foreskin beauty surgery, etc. are the concepts of deceiving patients. Light ions and infrared radiation are even more superfluous. The operation of penis lengthening has strict standards and needs to be cautious.

In regular hospitals, the total cost of traditional circumcision, commercial circumcision or stapler circumcision (including postoperative dressing change and drug administration) will not exceed 3,000 yuan.

Means of Accumulating Money: Impotence and Premature Ejaculation

Warning: Be sure to go to a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment, and never do the damn dorsal penis nerve amputation casually.

I have said this operation in other articles as early as possible, and most of it is a means of collecting money from some bad hospitals.

For details, click to view: For premature ejaculation patients, please say no to dorsal penis nerve block.

Money can make the mare go. False medical advertisements and messy diagnosis and treatment methods have become the way some men’s hospitals make money crazily. What is destroyed is the money and health of countless patients.

For various reasons, swindler hospitals are still popular in website advertisements, newspapers and TV.

Remind again: Men, if you have any problems, please go to a regular public hospital.