The weather is getting drier and drier, can you really use lipstick?

Lip beauty, through the ages, has always been the focus of beauty lovers in their pursuit of facial makeup effects.

However, it is not so easy to get beautiful lips like [Zhu Dan in your mouth].

Especially in the dry season, many girls who love beauty find that they originally applied lip balm to keep moisture, but their lips did not buy it. The more they applied it, the drier they became, and even shed their skin.

So, can lipstick be used? How should we scientifically protect delicate lips?

The lips are very delicate.

The more scientific name of the lip should be the lip mucosa. Its physiological structure is very different from that of the general skin structure. First, the cuticle of the lip is thin and transparent, which is only one third of the thickness of the general skin. Moreover, there are no hair follicles, sweat glands and sebaceous glands on the lips. There are also abundant blood vessels in dermis tissue, which is the reason why lips are red.

For these reasons, lips are very delicate. It has the characteristics of [one high and two low]: [one high] is [transepidermal water loss rate] high, which is 3-4 times higher than normal skin, indicating that lips are easy to lose water and have poor barrier function; [Two Low] refers to [low water content] and [low quality of natural fat] respectively, thus lacking sufficient physiological supply.

Lips are so delicate, but they bear the same sunlight, wind and smog as facial skin… so lip care is crucial.

How to use lip balm?

The main components of lip balm are oil (mineral oil, scallion and sesame oil), wax (palm wax, beeswax) and grease (lanolin, vaseline), the purpose of which is to lock in water. However, some moisturizing ingredients were also added later, and more attentive researchers used emulsification technology, microencapsulation technology, or nanotechnology to make the moisturizing agent work for a long time, thus obtaining a long-term moisturizing effect.

Lipstick is based on lip balm, adding colorants (the main raw materials for lipstick to present color) and spices (increasing the unique smell of lipstick); However, most of the shiny lipsticks are added with mica or iron oxide. In order for lipstick to have antioxidant property, vitamin E is also added. Later, lip photoaging attracted attention, and sunscreen was selectively added to lipstick. Lipstick has been marked with [SPF] or [PA] since then. A small lipstick, there are a lot of things added in it!

Lip balm or lipstick is more suitable for use under normal conditions and plays a preventive and protective role, rather than reusing until lips molt and other conditions.

There are several key points in lip care at ordinary times:

1. Apply lip balm with moisturizing and moisturizing effects to maintain vulnerable lips, and choose products with sun protection labels;

2. Try to avoid excessive external stimulation;

3. If you use lipstick, you should pay attention to removing makeup in time.

What about the injured lips?

Lipstick is not suitable for dry, molted or chapped lips at this time.

As the lip barrier has been damaged, the transdermal absorption of many components in lipstick (such as colorants, spices and sunscreen agents) increases. Even if lipstick is safe, the probability of causing irritation reaction and even allergic reaction may be much higher than under normal conditions.

The most suitable method is to gently wipe with warm water after eating, then dry with paper towel, choose lip balm with moisturizing effect and single composition to apply, and massage with finger abdomen from lip peak to lip angle until the paste is completely absorbed. At the same time, avoid sunlight, air conditioning or irritating food, and wait for lips to repair themselves.

Special attention should be paid to: never lick your lips when they are dry.

Lips will dry and peel because there is too much water loss. After licking, it will cause faster surface evaporation. The more licking, the drier, the drier, the more licking, forming a vicious circle.

If molting and chapped lips have not improved at all after three days of nursing, but become more and more serious, you need to seek help from a professional dermatologist to check whether there are other skin diseases: actinic cheilitis, exfoliative cheilitis, glandular cheilitis, granulomatous cheilitis or contact cheilitis.

[Jade teeth between Dan lips, fantastic ideas into the cloud], a red lip is really beautiful and attractive, but delicate and fragile, please take good care of, scientific care oh!

Editor: Zhang Jingyuan

Author: Yuan Chao

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