There are six ways to protect your voice.

Whether it is to communicate with family and friends, to communicate with colleagues or to negotiate with partners, one must keep talking.

As well as when it comes to holidays, it is inevitable to make an all-night appointment for a KTV. A group of friends [drink until they hang up, sing until they are dumb, laugh until they shed tears, cry until they lie prone]…

Our voice keeps working, but we don’t know how to protect it.

The most common temporary throat discomfort is when you catch a cold, Especially when a cold develops into acute pharyngitis, It is usually accompanied by severe cough and hoarseness. In this case, Generally, the voice will improve in a few days. Occasionally, the voice will continue to be hoarse and will not improve. Pay attention to rest and talk less. Generally, it can also recover. However, many people are limited by their work and their damaged throat cannot be recovered. It may become a persistent injury. At this time, hoarseness is permanent.

There are skills in protecting golden throat.

To maintain a golden voice, we must learn to protect our voice in daily life. Here are some tips for protecting our voice:

1. Warm up your throat well. Just like you need to warm up before exercise, you should also warm up your throat before you need to use your throat, especially before class, singing, speech and other work. Do neck and shoulder stretching exercises properly. From treble to bass, do some vocalization exercises to open your voice. Make some different vibrato, move your lips and tongue, and drink some water to moisten your throat.

2. It is recommended to quit smoking. Tar in tobacco and harmful gases produced when burning have very, very strong stimulation to throat.

3. Speak in a normal tone. Don’t always shout, cheer and scream. Save your time and express your emotions.

4. Rest your throat fully. When your voice is hoarse or itchy due to excessive use of your voice, speak less and rest your throat more quickly.

5. Drink plenty of water. Don’t clear your throat frequently or cough loudly, which can damage your vocal cords. When your throat is uncomfortable, drink plenty of water to keep your throat moist and help protect your throat.

6. Be alert to gastric acid reflux. Disease such as gastric acid reflux can also cause damage to throat. If you have frequent heartburn, halitosis in the morning, frequent hiccups, always feel something in your throat, or frequent recurrent hoarseness, you should be alert to gastric acid reflux and should see a doctor in time.

Generally speaking, hoarseness caused by colds and talking too much will improve after a few days of rest. However, if there is still no improvement after 2-3 weeks, you should seek medical treatment in time and ask an otolaryngologist to help you check and see if there is any need for drugs or surgical treatment.

Fortunately, even if the voice is hoarse for a long time, most of them are not difficult and complicated diseases or life-threatening diseases, and general specialized treatment has good effects.

Voice is our communication tool with others and our [image project]. Therefore, only by developing healthy living habits and using your voice reasonably can your voice be as pleasant as ever!

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